Girls Gone WoW – Show 375: Who likes vanilla?

Just the two of us again this week and a slightly short show as EJ wasn’t too well but it’s still a good one! We’re talking about classic this week and seeing how people are looking forward to it!

Next week: We’re talking about Mechagon! Do you like it? What’s the best bit?

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 374: Animals of Azeroth

This week I’m joined by a stunt EJ, one Mr Korenwolf, as EJ is pretty sick. GET WELL SOON! We had a good show though, talking all about the animals in Azeroth and working out what’s missing. I think the answer was more dogs.

You can find Korenwolf on our discord channel.

Next week: It’s time for Classic! Are you excited yet? Are you reserving a name?

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 372: Healing!

*drum roll* Joe Perez is back with us today! And we were talking all things healing. And lots of other stuff. It was great – bit long though, sorry about that!

You can find Joe on Twitter @lodurZJ

Next week: We’ve done tanking, we’ve done healing so now it’s all about DPS! Tell us what you like and what you don’t like! New DPS class ideas? How do you like to kill things….?

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 370: Moosketeers Mythic+ Roundtable

Bit of a different show this week as we’ve got all our #moosketeer buddies in to talk about the mythic+ dungeon system and why we love it! We’ve done super well this season so hear about why we think this is great content!

You can find us all on Twitter: @fatusbloke, @annthegamer, @giacojames, @flyhmster

Next week: 8.2 is finally here – what are your thoughts and feelings about it? What are you enjoying? Tell us things!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 369: Xal’atath, The Blade of the Black Empire

We’re flying solo again this week and Raven is very nearly dead so it’s a short one. We chatted about the return of the chatty blade and other things we’d like to see make a comeback!

Next week: It’s the mythic plus roundtable! Hear from all of the Moosketeers about our adventures in mythic+ dungeons

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 268: The Training Dummies v GGW!

This week the lovely chaps from The Training Dummies, Darryl and Rob, have joined us and we’re talking about all about the faction war! Should it end? What should become of the factions? How do you want to see it turn out?

You can find them on Twitter @TrainingDummies.

Next week: We’re talking about that knife I can’t spell. Did you keep the eye? What’s going on with all that? What other artifacts do you want to see return to Azeroth? Let us know!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 367: How is BAzeroth for you?

Just us this week and we started a bit late and it all got a bit rambly but we were supposed to be talking about how people are finding Battle for Azeroth. The consensus seemed to be that it’s great…as long as you don’t have time to play much so you haven’t noticed that the content has run out. Not exactly a ringing endorsement but generally we LOVE the storyline so it’s not all bad!

I guess you don’t need to listen now?

Next week: The boys from the Training Dummies are joining us and we’re facing a face off! Horde v Alliance! EU v NA! Which is best….?

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 366: How has communication in game changed?

We have a Geek Card invasion this week with Robbie and Razerbug joining us to talk about how communication in the game has changed over the years and what Discord means for the community. We had a great chat!

You can find them over at @TGCShow on twitter.

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