Day 7 – Favourite companion non-combat pet?

There was a time I loved collecting non-combat pets in WoW. I guess that was also because there was this one ‘girl’ (and I’d rather call her something else) in my guild who bragged she would be going for the achievement to get the little fawn.  Something inside me screamed and told me to get my ass in gear and beat her to it. So I started collecting.

I found lots of pets on my travels and I loved using the add-on that made me spawn a random pet now and again. From all the ones that I have stuffed in my menagerie I really love the one my husband bought for me. Is that cheating? Perhaps, but I love the little windryder. I love how it looks like a kitten when it runs next to me, but I was even more surprised to see it flying too. (The fact that I got a cute stuffed one to snuggle with in bed might also make me a bit biased)

There are two pets I really wanted but I just can’t seem to get; one is the phoenix hatchling. One day I will get that gorgeous bird! The second will be harder unless I’m willing to spend some hard earned cash: the hippogryph hatchling. Trading cards… I love them, but not that much. I always wanted it, but I really don’t want to pay too much for it. Unless of course some incredibly, amazing, friendly and foremost generous reader/listener would send it to me of course. That could happen?

I think the moonkin hatchling should also be mentioned. I really loved the idea, ever since I heard it at Blizzcon I was squeezing all over the place (trust me, it sounds more dirty then it really was). Then I saw the little bugger. Ok, it was still cute, but I have to say that the eyes still freak me out a little bit. Just a tad too big, as if they pushed some anime-character in a moonkin outfit. I might get it eventually (or that generous reader might want to give me

Those are my favourite pets. Ow and there was this interesting thing about the red crimson whelping just showing up in my bag without me knowing. I still haven’t figured out that mystery. And for those interested, yes, I did beat the bitch to collecting the pets. Fawn in your face!













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