True love; or how do you know you’ve found the perfect character to play?

When I had to pick my first character I went through all the class descriptions. I fell in love with the druid because I love shapeshifting classes. Then I had to pick a race. Back then I was rather shallow and I refused to play a Tauren (I have to admit I love them now) so I picked this pretty Nightelf female. I played druid nightelves for ages. My main is still a night elf druid.

Lately however I’ve fallen out of love with the class. I’m much more interested in my horde characters for the time being. The weird thing is that now I find it so difficult to settle on a class. I made a shaman, a warlock, a rogue, a hunter and a paladin. I love the paladin, but I can’t play her for podcast purposes. So I have to pick another class. The rogue…meh…perhaps it’s because I’ve played the goblin starting area too much, but I just can’t get a lot of joy out of playing her.

Then there was the orc hunter. I love pet collecting and I love orc females. I played a few levels on her, but it all seemed so boring. I’m not sure how to describe it. It just didn’t give me that amazing feeling playing her.

Of to the undead warlock. I was in love with the quests in Silverpine Forest and really enjoyed questing there. Then I went to Southshore and again I just didn’t really feel the connection any longer. I do intend on playing her (same as with the hunter), but I don’t really want to play her right now.

Last chance I guess with the troll shaman. After watching the new patch video and getting a small jolt of joy when seeing Voll’jin I wanted a baby troll, with Mohawk of course. I thought about giving shaman a shot. Perhaps a hybrid (the classes I tend to go for) would make me fall in love again. I have to admit…it’s not bad. She’s only level 8 at the moment and I haven’t settled on a spec just yet, but I’m thinking of enhancement/resto. I can see myself rp-ing with her and best of all: no bouncie boobs.

I have to confess that my big class-crush at the moment is my paladin Tauren. And I’ll love playing her, but I think this baby shaman will keep me entertained for a very long time.

So what about you guys. How did you know you picked the right class for you?









Day 9 – Which race/class combination are you most like in RL?


It depends how I take this questions. Let’s start with class first. Now I’m not sneaky enough to be a rogue, nor brave like a warrior. I am not enough in love with nature to be a druid or a shaman, but I do love animals. When I look back at all the pets I used to own when I was younger (mice, rats, hamsters, gerbils, ferrets, cats, dogs, turtles, fish, chinchilla’s) I think hunter would suit me best. I also seem to be more observant then most people. I can find my way in a town after only being there once (Yay, I’m a tracker!) and I know a lot about animals. I guess the hunter would fit me best here. Perhaps, the mage or warlock would be also suited. Some years ago I would say that those would fit me better. I wasn’t one for making my hands dirty. Now that I’m older I don’t mind so much. I imagine these classes being stuck with their noses in a book for a very long period during the day and that would suit me just fine.

Now we go to race. I am really boring when it comes to this but I fear that human would fit me best. I’m not regal like nightelfs, or quirkily funny like gnomes, not ‘cursed’ like the worgen with the whole woe-me (ok, I find them a bit emo) or sexy yet very religiously holy like the draenei. Just a plain old human. Physically I’m definitely a dwarf and before you ask I’m 5”3 and chunky.


I’d love to look like this;


But in reality I look a lot more like this;

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with female dwarves (just don’t get me started about why the boobs have to bounce like that). I think they’re quite fierce and curvy girls are sexy, but I just wish I was taller.

Oh noes, no show!

Just a quick update for every one. There won’t be any show this week due to real life commitments and the lovely weather.

No worries though, the plan is to record next week. We need to build up for the rantshow I guess 🙂

Also I leave you all with my little cow paladin who has reached level 8 at this moment. I’m trying to level her quickly for the show-guild group. Want to join us? Just read this thread and sign up!









Girls gone WoW: show 12

Welcome to Show 12

Interview Colette

How was our week in WoW?

New leveling project for our listeners and hosts.

Talking about a disability and playing WoW.

The thread to wow-ladies:

Secretly disabled wow-player:

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Day 8 – Favourite guild name you’ve come across?

In the six years that I have been playing this game I have come across plenty of guildnames. I’ve seen the most boring, generic-look-at-us-we-are-the-bestest-not-like-the-ones-who-claim-the-same-thing-guild names, the ones that are artsy and it will take a while before you actually know what they mean with it, the foreign ones that always make me smile when I recognize the Dutch ones, the ones that are written by some 14 year old my space-girl (We ArE LiKe ToTaLlY InTo ReBeCcA bLACk!), and the ones that make me laugh.

Now the ones that make me laugh always get a warm spot in my heart. I think the one I saw that have always stuck with me was called: May contain Nuts. It made me giggle for a very long time. They were/are on the first server I played on for a year and the members were very friendly and fun.

If you have a guildname that’s offensive I’ll just report your ass.














Girls gone WoW show 11 Fa is riding a Furry Tractor!

Welcome to Show 11 with Sil, Fascha, Rob and Ben.

How was our week in WoW?

New levelling project for our listeners and hosts.

What made you decide to get an authenticator? Or why don’t you have one?

Should WoW bring back attunements?

Listener e-mails!

Links to our listeners blogs:

Moar Alts:

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Poop encounters and strange e-mails.

Our gaming lives: what else have we been playing?

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Topics for show 12; Share your ragequit moments, What do other players do that really annoy you?


GGW Levelling Experience

Want to level with us?

As some of you will hear on this week’s podcast, Sil and Fascha were talking about possibly levelling alts together. Fascha then had what could be a great, or terrible, idea that maybe we could open this levelling experience to some of our listeners!

The GGW levelling experience (TM), subject to interest, will occur on Friday nights – exact time, duration of the gaming session, server (although it’s safe to say it’ll be RP or RPPvP) and faction to be decided!

Did we catch your interest and want some input? Go to our forums (sign up if you still have to), follow this link for the thread and give your input! And hopefully we’ll be levelling with you guys shortly.














Day 7 – Favourite companion non-combat pet?

There was a time I loved collecting non-combat pets in WoW. I guess that was also because there was this one ‘girl’ (and I’d rather call her something else) in my guild who bragged she would be going for the achievement to get the little fawn.  Something inside me screamed and told me to get my ass in gear and beat her to it. So I started collecting.

I found lots of pets on my travels and I loved using the add-on that made me spawn a random pet now and again. From all the ones that I have stuffed in my menagerie I really love the one my husband bought for me. Is that cheating? Perhaps, but I love the little windryder. I love how it looks like a kitten when it runs next to me, but I was even more surprised to see it flying too. (The fact that I got a cute stuffed one to snuggle with in bed might also make me a bit biased)

There are two pets I really wanted but I just can’t seem to get; one is the phoenix hatchling. One day I will get that gorgeous bird! The second will be harder unless I’m willing to spend some hard earned cash: the hippogryph hatchling. Trading cards… I love them, but not that much. I always wanted it, but I really don’t want to pay too much for it. Unless of course some incredibly, amazing, friendly and foremost generous reader/listener would send it to me of course. That could happen?

I think the moonkin hatchling should also be mentioned. I really loved the idea, ever since I heard it at Blizzcon I was squeezing all over the place (trust me, it sounds more dirty then it really was). Then I saw the little bugger. Ok, it was still cute, but I have to say that the eyes still freak me out a little bit. Just a tad too big, as if they pushed some anime-character in a moonkin outfit. I might get it eventually (or that generous reader might want to give me

Those are my favourite pets. Ow and there was this interesting thing about the red crimson whelping just showing up in my bag without me knowing. I still haven’t figured out that mystery. And for those interested, yes, I did beat the bitch to collecting the pets. Fawn in your face!













Shared Topic: Do your alts know each other?


Kamalia from the blog kamalia et alia (which you should check out after reading this post!) came up with this topic on Blog Azeroth:

Whether you have many alts or just a few, do they know each other? Do they have some sort of relationship as people living in Azeroth, or is sending materials and money between them just a game mechanic for you? If your characters do know each other, what kind of relationships do they have, and how did those relationships come into being? If they don’t, what functions do your different alts serve?


I always try to make rp-backgrounds for my characters. I find it very difficult to actually really enjoy a character and level her (yes, I mostly play girl toons) if I don’t know her background. It would also make it easier for me to know how to respond if I would run into someone else who initiated some rp.

For my main character Orronil I always had in mind that the other nightelves I have as alts are her cousins. I knew she couldn’t have any siblings because that wouldn’t’ make sense for her background story. My hunter Ethelind was her cousin. Orronil tried to get the shy hunter into more social activities by dragging her to the inns and pubs, only to shove the girl to the nearest group of people and watch what would happen.

My draenai are all sisters. I have three at the moment: Yuvaraani, Rahiema and Salinual. Salinual is the eldest and a devout follower of the light. She’s serious and very motherly over her sisters. Yuvaraani is the bookworm. She loves to experiment with her magic and isn’t afraid to use her curves to get what she wants. I call her my spoiled princess.  Then there is Rahiema. She is the tomboy. Like her sisters she can cast spells, but she like to beat the crap out of things a lot more. The way of the shaman called to her at a young age and she loves the world and the elements. This girl often gets in over her head and needs to be saved by her siblings.

If my characters are in the same guild and they are not related, I would just say that they know each other because they are in the same guild. They might be good friends or perhaps they only know each other’s names. I actually still want to make some friend-connections between my alts since I’ve only been writing family ties.

However, when it comes to sending mail I am very much the ‘my alt needs money and bags-type’. I really am far too impatient to write a letter to…myself











Ack! The first technical problems with e-mail

I knew it couldn’t be this flawless! There was a problem with the new e-mail account ( It seemed it thought I was in the US and somehow that didn’t work with the European account I set it up with *facepalms*
It’s working now after I changed some settings. Yes, I did test it. Unfortunately this means that anyone who has send me e-mails yesterday on the new mail account..yeah sorry… they’re lost in the interwebz for ever!
So could you please send them again? *puppy eyes*