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The exact origins of this warband are the subject of much debate among the members of the Horde, simply because no real time scale was ever given of theirs deeds. However the earliest they appear in any kind of written record is just after the opening of the Dark Portal.


In the beginning they were merely a pack of orcs still under the influence of the taint. However there were some that were possessed a little deeper by another force. Hatred. History tells us of the grusome and bloody wars that were fought, but mixed in with the accepted historical records lies the history of the Ashes of Man…


During the First War there existed a powerful orc captain know as Thorgax Redgore, an orc with a loathing so intense it is perhaps comparable to that of Garrosh Hellscream. Thorgax would butched humans without end and refused mercy to ANY. Those orcs who followed him thought Thorgax a hero and were always prepared to lay down their lives for him. It was after a sucessful raid on a human settlement that Thorgax’s genocidal hatred took on a new level.


With the scent of death surrounding him and the euphoria of victory intoxicating him Thorgax let out a frightening battle shout. He took hold of a nearby human corpse and flung it upon the blazing fire before him. As the smell of searing flesh filled his nostrils the captain breathed deeps the desecration of his enemies and addressed his bretheren orcs:

“These pathetic worms are a disgrace! Even their lifeless corpses mock us. Join me my brothers, eradicate the human vermin!!”


Howling in frenzied agreement the band of orcs joined with their captain. Throwing the corpses upon the crackling fire and cursing the human race to extinction. From the base of the fire Thorgax scooped a handful of ash and coated his face with it, once again howling to his orc brothers.

“My brothers cover yourselves with their ashes. Ensure all those that see us know, that we will crush them beneath us!! And wipe their very memory from this planet!!!”


Thus began the Ashes of Man. They were the most brutal and vicious of the orcs. Massacring and burning all humans in their path, then charging to the next battle smeared in the ashes of their defiled enemies.


After the taint was cleansed stories of Ashes Of Man quietened down but were never lost. As time had passed they had become somewhat secretive and more selective of who was admitted. Years passed and as the Horde became more diverse so did the Ashes of Man. The idea appealed to some of the Trolls and their barbaric beliefs about life. The Forsaken agreed whole undeadheatedly with the ideal of ending the humans existence. Even the gentle Tauren have those among them whose dislike for humans is intense enough to warrant them to seek out membership. Any Blood Elves that join usually do so to be around when the magic essance is seared from the humans flesh and released back into the grand flow of magic. No-one is truely certain why Goblins, who make no profit from these endeavours, join yet they can be counted among their ranks regardless.


Within the present day Horde Ashes of Man has once again started to rise up into the public eye. There are even rumours that Warchief Hellscream himself is a member, but this obviously cannot be proved. Although the burning of humans doesn’t occur frequently anymore, primarily because it can’t, there is still a tradition upheld by the guild members. Once a year the members gather atop the cliffs of Durotar under dead of night. Once there they slay a harpie each and together they symbollically burn these human-looking creatures to honour the heritage they have inherited. On this night (I rolled a D3 die here to represent each of your birthdays and it came up as EJ. So the night would be 9 days after EJ’s birthday) the guild members sit around the charring fires telling tales of their victories over the Alliance, in particular any battles fought with the human race. All the while coating their faces with the remaining ashes. Such is the tradition of Ashes of Man…




The Ashmask- The leader and most prominent member.


Ashling- The rank given to those whom are new to the ranks (main toons)


White Ash- The rank given to those who attain entry through friends (Alt toons)


Ashen Beast- The rank given to those who have proven themselves to the guild.


Ashen-Fear- Attained through futher deeds and loyalty to the guild.


Ashen-Terror- One of the most senior ranks that garters much respect from the other members. Their loyalty is unquestioned and their feats countless.


Ashen Monstrosity- Second only to the Ashmask. Those whom attain this rank have proven themselves as the best of the best.


Upon joining Ashes of Man you are appointed as an Ashling and presented with a Solid Stone (all but White Ash). This is no ordinary stone, it is a piece of the original alter that first human burning fire was built upon. The stone is still charred with the memory of that fateful night. It is a symbol of your membership, even more so than the offical tabard. All ranks (except White Ash) must carry their stone and to lose, sell or otherwise dispose of it is the GREATEST insult one can give to the guild. No harm or ill will should befall this stone for it should be carried with ever swelling pride as your proof that you are part of the guild.



Funny WoW Story No. 4

I believe it was the first or second week since Ulduar was released, and we were clearing it on 10man. We had just killed XT and were heading up to head to the Iron Council. This being our first time past XT, we were a little fuzzy on the details…

Raid leader: “Hey guys, I think council’s up the stairs!”
*we go tromping up the stairs*

We all died and it became a guild joke that obviously, council is up the stairs.

-Janet/Versintha (priest)














Funny WoW story No. 2

Back in TBC I was in a guild on Alonsus EU, horde side called Malice. Sadly due to losing a few members and the GM quitting the game it was decided the guild would disband. But the night before all the available members got together and decided to have a naked dance party on the roof of the Orgrimmar bank. People from other guilds joined in and then it was decided to take it to Shat’trath to see if we could get the allies to join in.

At the time the top guild was an ally guild with a Scarab Lord as a main tank. The guild had something of a rep of being very elitist and arrogant, especially this tank guy. But lo and behold they joined in with our dance party, though all still in their shiny epics. So we formed a plan. A few of us mounted up on our flying mounts and used emotes to get Mr Scarab Lord to follow us up as high as we could go. Then we dismissed our mounts. He did that too, expecting a mass suicide. Except we all had slow fall devices (the engineered parachutes, slow fall, levitate) and he went splat in all his shiny gear whilst we floated down to earth and danced round his corpse. To be honest maybe it was funnier when you were there… He took it very well though, even the repair bill.

Anyway, the guild disbanded the next day but we had a good last evening together. And the Scarab Lord? A few weeks later he took all the valuable stuff from the guild bank toon he controlled and transferred server. Oh, the drama.

– Dale













Girls gone WoW show 44; Warlocks, the dodo’s of WoW

We are talking to our international guest Marie and she tells us all about WoW, children and WoW and how she’s a kittycat. Kung poo panda’s make an appearance and for some weird reason, Rob started yelling beefcake… Oh dear.

Show 44:

Welcome Marie

Interview time

  • Tell us about yourself
  • When and how did you start playing wow?
  • First chars, mains and alts?
  • Impressions of Blizzcon?
  • Mists of Pandaria; yay or nay? And why?
  • What do you think Blizzard will do with the female Pandaren?

How was our week in WoW?

New mount in game. What do we think?

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Show 44: With a new expansion on the horizon do you stick with your main or do you feel it’s the perfect time to get a new class as your main??

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topic show 45? Professions – is there space for any more professions? And if not, how would you change the existing primary professions?












I wear my nerd-badge with pride!

Akabeko of Red Cow Rise came up with the following shared topic on Blog Azeroth this week:

How do you express your geekery? Do you own obvious paraphernalia like a Horde-symbol bumper sticker, in-joke tshirts like the dps/ups pun, or less obviously related items like a gift from a guildie? Rather than physical indicators, do you mix nerd lingo into your everyday speech or talk/post about geekdom in non-nerd spaces? How do you advertise your nerd tendencies? Does it help you to attract new nerd friends?

How do I express my geekery? I do it in various ways. One is the lingo. I am one of those people who will talk in Leet-speak on occasion, it does get worse when I’m around people I know who will get it. Often I am caught quoting certain games or tv-programmes/films that are seen as geeky.

I was never bothered about wearing clothes that showed my inner-geek. I owned a warcraft-hoodie and I still browse Jinx often hoping to find something that’s not too expensive that I can buy to show the world that I’m a nerd/geek. I never felt that I should be ashamed for being the person I am. Sometimes you get people who don’t get it and think that you’re strange. One of my colleagues once commented (behind my back) to my superior that the shirt I was wearing was inappropriate and a bad influence on the kids I was teaching. This was a Jack Skellington hoodie. To say I was p*ssed off is understating it. I don’t mind explaining it to people, if they’d just ask me. The kids loved it though and in the end my colleague was in the wrong. Not me.

I still wear geek-related shirts if I can and I love it if that helps with meeting new friends or people with the same interest. It’s great to start a conversation that way. You already know that you can talk about a certain subject!  Most gifts that I love to receive from my friends are geek-related. You can’t make me happier. In fact, the best gift I once got was from a former guildie. We were really good friends in game and because I loved Tier 1 and Tier 2 of the druid set (especially the antlers) she bought be a mini plushie moose. I still have it and I love it to bits.

I will always be proud of being a geek/nerd and I think secretly my husband loves it that I’m already talking about future baby clothes with little geeky texts on them!















True love; or how do you know you’ve found the perfect character to play?

When I had to pick my first character I went through all the class descriptions. I fell in love with the druid because I love shapeshifting classes. Then I had to pick a race. Back then I was rather shallow and I refused to play a Tauren (I have to admit I love them now) so I picked this pretty Nightelf female. I played druid nightelves for ages. My main is still a night elf druid.

Lately however I’ve fallen out of love with the class. I’m much more interested in my horde characters for the time being. The weird thing is that now I find it so difficult to settle on a class. I made a shaman, a warlock, a rogue, a hunter and a paladin. I love the paladin, but I can’t play her for podcast purposes. So I have to pick another class. The rogue…meh…perhaps it’s because I’ve played the goblin starting area too much, but I just can’t get a lot of joy out of playing her.

Then there was the orc hunter. I love pet collecting and I love orc females. I played a few levels on her, but it all seemed so boring. I’m not sure how to describe it. It just didn’t give me that amazing feeling playing her.

Of to the undead warlock. I was in love with the quests in Silverpine Forest and really enjoyed questing there. Then I went to Southshore and again I just didn’t really feel the connection any longer. I do intend on playing her (same as with the hunter), but I don’t really want to play her right now.

Last chance I guess with the troll shaman. After watching the new patch video and getting a small jolt of joy when seeing Voll’jin I wanted a baby troll, with Mohawk of course. I thought about giving shaman a shot. Perhaps a hybrid (the classes I tend to go for) would make me fall in love again. I have to admit…it’s not bad. She’s only level 8 at the moment and I haven’t settled on a spec just yet, but I’m thinking of enhancement/resto. I can see myself rp-ing with her and best of all: no bouncie boobs.

I have to confess that my big class-crush at the moment is my paladin Tauren. And I’ll love playing her, but I think this baby shaman will keep me entertained for a very long time.

So what about you guys. How did you know you picked the right class for you?









Day 9 – Which race/class combination are you most like in RL?


It depends how I take this questions. Let’s start with class first. Now I’m not sneaky enough to be a rogue, nor brave like a warrior. I am not enough in love with nature to be a druid or a shaman, but I do love animals. When I look back at all the pets I used to own when I was younger (mice, rats, hamsters, gerbils, ferrets, cats, dogs, turtles, fish, chinchilla’s) I think hunter would suit me best. I also seem to be more observant then most people. I can find my way in a town after only being there once (Yay, I’m a tracker!) and I know a lot about animals. I guess the hunter would fit me best here. Perhaps, the mage or warlock would be also suited. Some years ago I would say that those would fit me better. I wasn’t one for making my hands dirty. Now that I’m older I don’t mind so much. I imagine these classes being stuck with their noses in a book for a very long period during the day and that would suit me just fine.

Now we go to race. I am really boring when it comes to this but I fear that human would fit me best. I’m not regal like nightelfs, or quirkily funny like gnomes, not ‘cursed’ like the worgen with the whole woe-me (ok, I find them a bit emo) or sexy yet very religiously holy like the draenei. Just a plain old human. Physically I’m definitely a dwarf and before you ask I’m 5”3 and chunky.


I’d love to look like this;


But in reality I look a lot more like this;

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with female dwarves (just don’t get me started about why the boobs have to bounce like that). I think they’re quite fierce and curvy girls are sexy, but I just wish I was taller.

Oh noes, no show!

Just a quick update for every one. There won’t be any show this week due to real life commitments and the lovely weather.

No worries though, the plan is to record next week. We need to build up for the rantshow I guess 🙂

Also I leave you all with my little cow paladin who has reached level 8 at this moment. I’m trying to level her quickly for the show-guild group. Want to join us? Just read this thread and sign up!









Girls gone WoW: show 12

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Interview Colette

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Talking about a disability and playing WoW.

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Girls gone WoW show 11 Fa is riding a Furry Tractor!

Welcome to Show 11 with Sil, Fascha, Rob and Ben.

How was our week in WoW?

New levelling project for our listeners and hosts.

What made you decide to get an authenticator? Or why don’t you have one?

Should WoW bring back attunements?

Listener e-mails!

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Our gaming lives: what else have we been playing?

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Topics for show 12; Share your ragequit moments, What do other players do that really annoy you?