In the six years that I have been playing this game I have come across plenty of guildnames. I’ve seen the most boring, generic-look-at-us-we-are-the-bestest-not-like-the-ones-who-claim-the-same-thing-guild names, the ones that are artsy and it will take a while before you actually know what they mean with it, the foreign ones that always make me smile when I recognize the Dutch ones, the ones that are written by some 14 year old my space-girl (We ArE LiKe ToTaLlY InTo ReBeCcA bLACk!), and the ones that make me laugh.

Now the ones that make me laugh always get a warm spot in my heart. I think the one I saw that have always stuck with me was called: May contain Nuts. It made me giggle for a very long time. They were/are on the first server I played on for a year and the members were very friendly and fun.

If you have a guildname that’s offensive I’ll just report your ass.