We love to interact with our listeners, getting topic/discussion ideas and feedback on the show! The following e-mail address is also the best way to get in touch with the hosts of the show.

Contact us via e-mail at : podcast (at) girlsgonewow (dot) net

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Individual contacts are:

EJ: @Ottahz on Twitter or ej (at) girlsgonewow (dot) net

Raven: @silkyraven on Twitter or raven (at) girlsgonewow (dot) net

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One thought on “Contact

  1. Dear EJ and Raven,

    I had to tell you about the exchange I just had with my 11-year old son. Occasionally, but not too often, we listen to GGW in the car while driving to and from dance lessons, boy scouts, etc.. Consequently, Dan has heard the show off and on.

    Today he glanced at my computer screen,and I had another podcast vod up on the screen (The Angry Chicken). He asked if that was the swearing one.

    I said “What??”
    Dan said “we sometimes listen to girls gone wow in the car, and they have the one that says brilliant and the one that swears”.

    So there you have it. That could be your tagline – we are brilliant, and we swear.

    Just thought I’d pass that along. Love the show, and don’t stop swearing. I LOVE IT when Raven says “fuck”. It’s just something about it…



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