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  1. Dear EJ and Raven,

    I had to tell you about the exchange I just had with my 11-year old son. Occasionally, but not too often, we listen to GGW in the car while driving to and from dance lessons, boy scouts, etc.. Consequently, Dan has heard the show off and on.

    Today he glanced at my computer screen,and I had another podcast vod up on the screen (The Angry Chicken). He asked if that was the swearing one.

    I said “What??”
    Dan said “we sometimes listen to girls gone wow in the car, and they have the one that says brilliant and the one that swears”.

    So there you have it. That could be your tagline – we are brilliant, and we swear.

    Just thought I’d pass that along. Love the show, and don’t stop swearing. I LOVE IT when Raven says “fuck”. It’s just something about it…



  2. A Casual Players View – This is NOT every casual players view JUST MY OWN

    So, I know that this is probably going to get me strung up and burned at the stake, get words like “n00b” or “Troll” or whatever term is trending now thrown my way, but I just can’t help myself…. I‘ve been playing World of Warcraft since April 2005. I am a casual player and have been since the beginning. I play as often and as much as possible, but with a job, a mortgage and a life I don’t get to play as often as I’d like. I played a lot early on in Vanilla, BC and Wrath (my personal favorite) but played less in Cata and even less in MoP – which I’m now regretting because I’m finding MoP to be refreshing take on the content. However, since the release of WoD I have really gotten back into the game. I have also really gotten into the social media aspect of the game; no not fucking Twitter, but rather via podcasts, forums, etc. and I have to say that this “community” that everyone speaks of related to WoW is full of shit. I say this from my OWN experiences. Everyone wants to complain and cry and say mean hateful things about the game and Blizzard and players such as me and it’s simply comical in a way, but just sad in another.
    I’ve never raided or run dungeons. Well, I can’t say “never”, I have but thanks to this “community” I lost interest in it very quickly. I’ve had very few pleasant encounters with other players and I am a very happy, personable and positive person. I have donated to groups, volunteered, assisted players and every time I’ve been burned. The one raid I went on they had already cleared everything and I was invited to kill The Litch King, so I don’t call that raiding because all I did was run around and spam heals. My only other raiding experiences I was talked down to so much, so often and in such derogatory fashion (I was a healer and of course everything was my fault) that it ruined that content for me, so I never went back. It’s the same thing for dungeons. I’ve had experiences where all the loot was taken and the player left the group or right before the achievement dropped I was kicked for NO REASON and was told, it was for no specific reason other than to just do it. To me, that was over the line! How does this in any way make your precious “community” a commodity that is now missing from WoW? I have missed out on all new content when released and don’t have all the cool stuff that goes along with raiding because the community took it from me. Now, I know, that’s my choice not to raid and you can’t blame society for your choices and blah, blah, blah. But because the community has made my experiences so toxic, can you blame me? Would you want to continue to take abuse from total strangers on daily basis when you are also putting your precious time and money into a game? I mean, i’m not the best player in the world, however I’ve spent the past 9 years learning my class, rotation and studying add-ons, mechanics and game play , sooooo I’m pretty sure I know what i’m doing.
    Now everyone at this point throws out the Guild card….Let’s talk guilds. I’ve been in almost 20 different guilds. I’ve have yet to find a guild with the sense of “community” and comradery that everyone these days is yelling has been removed from the game. They’ve either all fallen apart because “friends” and “family” couldn’t play well together, the owners have completely abandoned the guild or they became so strict that I can’t to be a part of it because i’m not a hardcore player. I’m currently in a guild with great perks and that’s basically it because, to me, that’s all guilds are good for now. I try to talk and no one answers. I try to assist but no one cares. And it’s not the server because I’ve moved several servers and it’s that same fucking thing no matter where you go.
    Now let’s talk the game and Blizzard. First off, I don’t work for Blizzard, I don’t know anyone who does, I’m simply a fan for their products. I listen every week to podcasts and read forums where players blast the games content or lack thereof and speak poorly about marketing strategy and lack of communication with their customers….frankly it’s mind-blowing to me because I, being a casual player, absolutely love the game for what it is, a game. The lore alone is enough to floor you let alone the game design. It’s simply amazing. The characters and weapons and environment, I simply cannot see how anyone doesn’t marvel at the screen every time they fire up the game. The mechanics of the fights (which I’ve watched on YouTube) are so cool and look so fantastic. The facts that you can have a pet follow you around and fight for you or battle another vanity pet…. It’s why I love the product and keep coming back. To anyone who wants to bash the game and it’s developers, what have you done with your life that even comes close? I’m not a gamer, so maybe I’m way out of my element here Donny, but why is everything I hear and read after the first 2 months of a new release nothing but whiny, negative stuff about the game? The hard is too hard. The easy is too easy. The daily routines and content are boring. I mean come on! There is SO much to do in the game that even attempting to explain the game to loved ones is a marathon, boring them into a coma a few minutes in. Now, I do understand the commitment it takes to play the game. I do understand the time, money and personal resources it takes to play the game and when a person invests that much into anything, much less a game, their passion usually boils to the top. I get that. But what I don’t get is, and what seems to be, the negative majority view of the game and company coming from it’s beloved “community”. Again, this is what I AM hearing and this is MY perception. Unfortunately each of our own perceptions is reality and my reality is this:
    I love the game
    I respect the company and developers
    I am captivated by the game every time I log in – Stop and look around once in a while
    I am not a believer in the community aspect
    I’ve missed out on some of the most compelling content in the game because of the “community”
    Most players are in it for themselves and not to help you
    No one wants to take the time to help other players develop within the game because if you ask any sort of question, you’re immediately a “Troll”
    The majority of users providing feedback or comments (not as bad as League of Legends) are assholes and PLEASE shut up about flying already
    No one can tell you how to play the game
    I am exactly why Garrisons, Pet Battles and dailies are relevant
    I am a casual player.

    • I’m sorry that you haven’t had a positive experience especially with other players. I’ve had plenty of negative experiences myself and mostly do content on my own but even then, I’ve managed to have good experiences and met a few nice people that I can play with.

      Finding a good guild is hard, sure, I get that. But from what you wrote, I’m pretty sure that you’re not in an active one but small or dead guilds that recycle through players quickly. The rule pretty much is that If you’re not applying for guilds online, then you’re not in a decent guild.

      Also, I think you might want to start pruning back the podcasts and media that you’re listening to if all that you’re hearing is negative feedback that you’re not interested in. I agree that WOW is amazing and I’ll always look fondly upon it but it doesn’t mean that everyone who has a criticism of the game is doing it solely just to be negative.

      However, the game is what you make of it and so is the community. Sure, there are assholes everywhere but if EVERYONE in the game is an asshole then you might want to check and see if you’re not the person being the asshole.

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