Girls Gone WoW – Show 254: Keeping us healthy

This week Marc joined us to talk about how WoW is good for us. It gets a bad rap sometimes and we discuss all the ways it helps us stay sane and unwind.

You can find Marc @smugglermarc on Twitter.

Next week: Steve joins us to talk about simultaneously levelling 20 alts to 110!

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Transmog pictures

Here are some of the pictures you sent us of your transmogs!

“These are my 3 favorite transmogs at the moment.

Cyne wears leather because Rogue, and this particular set I happen to really like and it works on any race.

Jenefer the warlock, in the Legion times, went for more of a warlock me? Noooooo just an explorer. See? Hat! She looks fairly normal really. No giant blazing Fel Staves or anything.

Unlike Larimar on the right who Ive written about before because that massive fiery hammer is just not going to work with anything. Sometimes you have to build around your weapon and this was one of those times.

Transmog is fun!”


Girls Gone WoW – Show 253: Lookin’ gooooood

This week that fabulous Cymre Jones joins us to talk about all things transmog! We have a good natter about what’s up with the wardrobe and our favourite things to do.

You can find Cymre @cymre on twitter or over at her wonderful blog

Next week: Marc joins us to talk about how WoW helps us be healthy!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 252: Nearly patch time!

This week Simon steps in as our scheduled guest is down with the flu. Get well soon Jarf! We talk about the upcoming patch and the Diablo anniversary event. Turns out everyone is looking forward to the Brawlers Guild and no-one is excited about the class changes. So there you are.

You can find Simon in the land of Twitter @SimonFR

Next week: Cymrie will be joining us all the way from the Austrailia land so we’ll be recording on Saturday night. We’ll be talking all things transmog!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 250: Ask us anything!

Thanks to everyone who sent in questions this week – we had loads! You asked us a wide range of stuff and we answered it all to the best of our ability. In some cases…we didn’t have as much ability as you might like but there you are!

We’re taking a break next week for Christmas but we will be back on 1 January 2017! Thanks for all your support and listening this year. It’s been great. Here’s to an even better 2017.

Sorry about the audio quality this week, no idea what happened.

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 249: All the pretty voices

This week Eric, the genius behind our intro and outros, joined us this week to talk about voiceover work in game. Raven is a bit late but everyone shows up eventually!

You can find Eric on twitter (very occasionally) @nexonexo.

Next week: It’s show 250 and you can ASK US ANYTHING (about Warcraft…) so get us those questions!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 248: WHAT ARE YOU HIDING?

Constraxx joins us again this week to talk about hidden artifact appearances and Raven’s inability to open her own bedroom door without smacking herself in the face. It’s been a week. Also some pony stuff and driving stories so we’ve got all your bases covered!

You can find Constraxx on Twitter @constraxxone.

Next week: Eric is joining us to talk about voiceover work in Wow! What’s your favourite? Who would you love to hear do an NPC? Let us know!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 247: WoW and other MMOs

This week, long time no see, but Boss Rob is back with us again! We’re talking about how other MMOs compare to WoW and lots of other things to catch up on as we missed last week. Sorry about that.

You can find Rob @skie on Twitter.

Next week: Do you want to guest? Let me know!

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