Girls Gone WoW – Show 219: Casually hardcore

This week regular contributor Lisia joins us to talk about casual hardcore raiding. What does that mean for us? What are our hints and tips? What addons do we use? Find out here!

You can find Lisia @lisiaraids on Twitter

Next week: Constaxx joins us! We’re talking about the group finder tool.

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 218: Transmog baby!

This week Ams joined us and we talked all about our favourite transmog sets, how we make them and which items we like.

Some links to Ams favourite ones:

Lisia’s blog:¬†

Sivation’s tweets:


Warlock transmog

Hunter transmog: the result

Spanky’s tweets:

Insane in the Membrane macro from Gildina:

  • /tar Shakes
  • /tar Deck/li>
  • /tar Doc/li>
  • /tar Prof
  • /tar Captain
  • /tar First
  • /cast {your damage spell}

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Next week: Lisia is joining us to talk about casual hardcore raiding!

Girls Gone WoW – Show 217: What’s your favourite old content?

This week Cherryanna joins us to talk about our favourite old content. We were surprised that Nessingwary came up in the discussion, so give it a listen to find out what other surprising things people are nostalgic for.

You can find Cherryanna @cherry_667 on twitter.

Next week: Ams is joining us to talk about transmog!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 216: Drunken blathering with EJ & Raven

Sorry this is late this week! We did manage to do a show eventually, but really, if we’d recorded on Sunday it would have been a mess. And not in a good way. Hear where we are with out bucket lists and some fabulous #teampositive updates from listeners!

Next week: Cherryanna Swiftalon is joining us to talk about favourite old content. What’s your favourite dungeon? Or raid boss? Or quest? Why do you like it so much?

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 214: For the Alliance!!

The girls are both a bit weary this week but they have most regular guest Marie back to help keep things moving! This weeks’ topic is the Alliance: why do we like playing on this side? What are our favourite bits of lore?

You can find Marie @mbuhtz on Twitter.

Next week: Not quite sure what we’re doing! If you want to be a guest let us know!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 213: Pet Battles!

Maroonlight is a first time guest with us this week and we are talking pet battles! Find out what our favourite pets are and lot of top tips for levelling them.

You can find Maroonlight at @allthatmaroon.

Next week: Marie is joining us to talk all about the Alliance! Get your voicemails to us :o)

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 212: Money, money, money

Jeppy is back this week! Last time he was with us was show 75 so it’s been a while. We’re talking all things gold. Is it too easy to make in Warlords? What are our top tips? What should you spend it on? Find out!

You can find Jeppy @eljeppy on Twitter.

Next week: Maroonlight is with us to talk all things pet battles! What are your top pet battle pets? Who do you use for the Celestial Tournament? Let us know!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 211: How alt-friendly is WoW?

Leeta is back with us this week to chat about alts – she is the expert after all! We discuss how alt-friendly Warlords is, what we mean by alt-friendly and what we’d like to see in Legion with a good chunk of input from our amazing listeners as ever!

You can find Leeta @leetawow on Twitte.

Next week: Jeppy is joining us to talk about gold making! It seems much easier these days but what are your top tips? Is gold still a thing you need to think about?

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 210: Kill all the things!

This week we were delighted to be joined by regular listener and contributor to the show Spankyhunter! Find out his top tips for starting PVP this late in the expansion and why actually, this is the perfect time to dive right in.

You can find Spanky on Twitter @RichardkurnieJ.

Next week: Leeta is back! We’re talking about what do we mean by ‘alt-friendly’: Warlords has been much criticized for not being it, so what does it mean for you? How would you like Legion to be better?

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