Girls Gone WoW – Show 233: It’s patch day!

How are you finding the patch? That’s the question we’re asking our guest Turwinkle this week! Legion is nearly here!!

You can find Turwinkle @turwinkle on Twitter.

Next week: Gilnean Guy will be joining us to shout IT’S ONE MONTH TILL LEGION! What are you most excited about? What are your hopes for the xpac? Let us know!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 232: Coming back home

This week RAVEN HAS INTERNET. In a tiny box. She’s very happy about this. And on the show Evylxx joins us to talk about coming back to the game after a break and class changes in the upcoming patch.

You can find Evylxx on twitter @EvangelysmCast.

Next week: Turwinkle joins us to talk about the patch! How was patch day for you? What’s your favourite thing so far? TELL US

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 231: Something about quests?

This week Marie joined EJ to talk about quests but I’ve no idea what happened because I DIDN’T HAVE ANY FUCKING INTERNET. So I’ll be listening to find out just like you will. Woo. Fucking. Hoo.

You can find Marie @Mbhutz on Twitter.

Next week: We’ll try and have a show on SUNDAY like normal and my internet will work. That’s what will happen. Um. I’ve no idea who’s coming on the show and Boris Johnson was just appointed Foreign Secretary so to be honest we’ll probably be at war with someone by then….

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 230: MOUNTACULAR

This week it’s all about mounts with Spazz Wesson and Sirius Winchester. How cool are those names? We talk about our favourite mounts, those we love to hate and what we hope is coming up in Legion!

You can find them on Twitter @SpazzWesson and @SuperSiriusXIII.

Next week: Marie is back! And we might talk about questing: what makes a good quest? What are you hoping questing in Legion will be like? What quests do you hate?

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 229: Nearly Legion time!

We recorded a day early this week so we could chat to Natanie once again! And this week was all about Legion. No lore spoilers but we do have a good natter about what we’re looking forward to now the dev q&a’s have happened. And it’s fair to say WE’RE STOKED.

You can find Natanie on Twitter @nataniepally

Next week: SpazzWeston and Sirius are joining us to talk about Mounts! All things mounts. What’s your favourite? What have you been chasing for years? What do you hope they add in Legion? TELL US THINGS.

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 228: Vanilla or bust

This week Tre joined us once again to chat about vanilla and pristine servers, why people might like them and why all our listeners think they’re are a bad idea. Skype continues to be a problem which is sub-optimal but not much can be done about it. Boo

You can find Tre on twitter @imortalscot

Next week: Natanie joins us again so we’ll be recording on Saturday night!!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 227: Fuck Skype. Seriously.

I think you’ll just have to pray I stuck all the bits of this show together right really. Skype hates us. I hate Skype. We did have the ever lovely Cinder with us this week and we did have some chat about leveling in Legion but if the sound quality sucks, I’m very sorry….

You can find Cinder @cinder_tweets on Twitter

Next week: Tre joins us once again to talk about vanilla and pristine servers. Are they a good thing? Would you like to play on one? What makes it attractive?

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 226: Spoilery spoiltastic movie spoilers!!!

The movie is here!!! And we went to see it so now we’re going to tell you what we think about it. We’re joined by Ams, Razerbug and Amanda this week and THERE ARE SPOILERS FOR THE MOVIE. The whole show is full of ’em. So don’t listen until you’ve seen it if you don’t want to be spoiled…

You can find Ams @soulseared, Razerbug @rzbg and Amanda @cde_cat9

Next week: Cinder is joining us again to talk about leveling! What are your plans for Legion? How do you like to level: questing, dungeons, other ways? Let us know!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 225: Missing you already…!

Regular listener & contributor Spanky joins us to talk about what we’ll miss about the Warlords when it goes away. Which will be very soon. Very very soon. Honest.

You can find Spanky on Twitter @RichardkurnieJ.

Next week: We are talking about the movie! Because we get to see on Saturday!!!! WOOOHOOOOOOOO

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 224: Sha of Happiness

Sorry about the outro last time. Sargeras must be invading already…maybe it was him that also caused the show to be cancelled last week? Anyway we’re back now! And we’re joined by Alix, formerly the Sha of Happiness, to hear all about her time as Shappi, what it was like and why it stopped.

You can find Alix @debaucherie on Twitter where she posts lots of doggie pictures! Who doesn’t love that!

Next week: We’re not here. Well, ok we are here but we’ll be in the pub because IT’S MY FUCKING BIRTHDAY and I need gin. And prosecco. And cake. The week after though Spanky will be here and that will be awesome too!

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