Girls Gone WoW – Show 174: Going to need a bigger bag

This week on Girls Gone WoW it’s all about achievements with the lovely Leeta! Find out what epic achievements Leeta is working towards, and what else the girls have been doing with not one, but TWO VOICEMAILS!

You can find Leeta on Twitter @leetawow, or on Ctrl+Alt+WoW or Behind the Avatar podcasts.

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 173: Ask Mr Openraid

This week on Girls Gone WoW EJ & Raven are joined by not one, but two lovely ladies; Darrie from OpenRaid and Vee from Ask Mr Robot. Find out what’s been going on with these amazing tools to the WoW community and how they might help you improve your game and hear about what might be the most epic ‘epic moment in WoW’ ever from Darrie!

You can find Vee @AskMrRobot or and Darrie @OpenRaidDarrie or

Next week: Leeta will be joining us again to talk about achievements! What’s your favourite? What are you working right now? Which do you think should go die in a fire? Let us know!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 172: #terrythiswasyourfault

EJ & Raven are joined by their lovely mate Karen in what has been a sad week for all three, with the death of Sir Terry Pratchett. The chatter is even more random than usual taking in Raven’s driving lesson antics, some rather disturbing hotel memories, and a good natter about our favourite followers in game. Oh, and weasels. Did I mention weasels?

No show next week as Raven is off to the Lake District for a lovely holiday. We’ll return on March 29th with Vee & Darie from Ask Mr Robot. Get in touch if you have questions for them!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 171: How many priests?!

Guildie Evlyxx joins EJ & Raven this week to talk about what they’ve been up to this week and how guilds have changed since Warlords did away with perks. Also, it seems Evlyxx has a bit of a priest problem…

You can find Evlyxx on twitter @evlyxx, or check out his podcast, The Evangelysm Podcast at

Next week: we’ll be talking about garrison followers! Are we collecting them all? Do we even want to..? Find out who our favourites are and who drives us a bit nuts!

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What do you think?

So, what do you make of the new site? Snazzy, huh? Ok, so I’m biased but I would LOVE to know what you do think! What do you like? What do you not like? What features would you like to see – either here, or maybe on the show itself. New segments? Chat room? Let me know!

We’d love to give you, our dear listeners, a bit of recognition here too so go check out the S.E.L.F.I.E. gallery! If you’ve got the camera please email me a picture and your twitter handle to be included on the page. We’d love to see you all there. Emails to


Girls Gone WoW – Show 170: It’s all about the patch

It’s patch week and E-J & Raven have lots to discuss! What do they think of the S.E.L.F.I.E. camera? Who’s their new favourite garrison visitor? What do they think about the heirloom tab? And, wait, is that a voicemail…?

Listen to the show here or download for later!

Next week: We’ll be having a chat with a  lovely guildie and finding out what everyone thinks of the changes to the guild perks in Warlords.

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 169: The Return of the Leveling Queen

This week Sil joins co-hosts EJ & Raven with special guest Dr Ken to talk about the levelling experience in Warlords, how it compares to to end game and a little bit of Star Trek thrown in for good measure.

You can find Dr Ken @dr_unKen on twitter and his guild Lunchbox heroes! at

If you’d be interested in trying out a new podcast from Sil about geek culture in general, please go and listen to the alpha and beta show of the geek card:

Next week – show 170: It’s all about 6.1!

Girls Gone Wow – Show 168: Girls Gone Plague, someone tranq the raid!

Everyone is sick this week, even Raven’s pony but the girls have bravely left their sick beds to have a chat with Tre about how the garrison game is going. Seems all anyone does these days is mess about in garrisons, but is that a good thing or a problem? And, who’s that voice we’ve not heard for a while?

You can find Tre @imortalscot on Twitter.

Next week – show 169: How is everyone finding levelling in Warlords? Is there enough to do at end game? Guest Dr Ken joins us for this discussion.

Show 168

Girls Gone Wow – Show 167: Let’s get ready to raid!

This week is all about raiding when E-J’s lovely husband Mr B joins her and Raven. Find out what they think about the current state of raiding, whether LFR really has improved at all and what mythic guilds are making of the new difficulty systems.

Impact of mythic raiding on HC10 guilds, some interesting blog posts:


You can find Mr A on twitter @Sivation

Next week – show 168: Garrisons – how are you getting on with them? Are they all the fun or have you had enough? Anything you would like to change or improve about them?