Girls Gone WoW – Show 183: Everyone loves melons!

This week we are joined by long time listener and regular email contributor Constraxxs! Lovely to have a regular listener on the show. We’re talking about support roles; what makes a good support? What even is a support role? Can you be a support as DPS? These questions and more will be answered along with your usual doses of driving lesson anecdotes, pony updates and general chaos. We call this ‘business as usual’.

You can find Constraxxs @constraxxone on Twitter.

The link to the podcast Marie mentioned is

Next week: We’ll be recording at some point when I’m not walking up a hill to give a quick initial thoughts about 6.2! Tell us what you think of it when it hits on Tuesday (or Wednesday if you’re over here).

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 182: Mountastic

This week the ever lovely Simes joins us to talk all things mount collecting, and with 277 of his own he certainly knows what he’s talking about! Find out what are everyones favourites, and what we’re all working at in our circuits of disappointment and how long some people have taken to get Invincible.

You can find Simes on Twitter @sivation or at

Next week: Long time listener and regular contributor Constraxxone joins us! We’re talking about support roles in WoW which roles does that apply to in your opinion? Do you like playing a support role and why? Does this just apply during raids and dungeons or does it have a wider scope during all types of activities in World of Warcraft?

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 181: The Triple T Edition

So, how do we follow up last weeks’ show featuring such a massive WoW community celebrity? Why, with two Wow community celebrities! This week we are joined by Jules & Marconin from the Tauren Think Tank to hear their thoughts on how things are in game right now and help some of our listeners out with some interpersonal problems in games. It’s another long one, clocking in just over 2 hours. Not quite as bad as last week then, but it’s still a show that’s packed full of AWESOME!

You can find Jules & Marconin over at, on Twitter @TaurenThinkTank. Jules can be found @julesrpg and Marconin is @marconinwow.

Next week: We are talking mount farming with Mr B! Share with us your circuit of disappointment. What’s your favourite mount? Which ones have you been chasing for years? What have you given up on..? Emails, tweets and VOICEMIALS all welcome!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 180: The late night lore show with Anne Stickney

This week, OMG! We have the one and only, the AMAZEBALLS Anne Stickney as our guest so we can only talk about one thing: lore in the World of Warcraft. Turns out we can talk about this for a loooooong time. The show is over two hours. Sorry about this. My hosting isn’t too happy about it either, AH WELL. It is a pretty damned good show even if I do say so myself so belly up to the bar, snag a glass of your favourite beverage and hear everything we have to say about lore with an expert in the house.

You can find Anne over at (Raven & EJ are proud patrons!) and weekly on the Blizzard Watch podcast on iTunes or on twitter @shadesogrey.

You can see Marzana’s GamesCon pictures over at

Next week: We are on a roll for AMAZEBALLS guest and next week Jules & Marconin from the Tauren Think Tank will be joining us! Get us your Dear Abby questions for advice needed in WoW and we’ll try and get them answered for you. Voicemails would be awesome!! #justsayin

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 179: Raven and tale of Blind Black Dog

How much time do you spend playing WoW? This week the girls are interviewing Amy and chatting about playing WoW on a limited time budget. Hear a bunch of hints and tips for making the most of your time in game if you actually have a full time job that, ridiculously, you have to turn up for in order to get paid. Or kids. Or ponies. Or…anything else that means those halycon days of spending eight hours in front of the computer doing nothing but slaughtering the horde in Alterac Valley is a thing of the past. *nostalgic sigh* Oh, and there isn’t a driving lesson anecdote this week but there’s a stupid pony story instead. We aim to please! Or Dino aims to actually get Raven killed, one or the other.

The website for the Blizzard selfie contest is: Go forth and win Blizzcon tickets!

You can find Amy on twitter at @elynthae. [You can follow Dino on twitter @dino_pony and witness first hand his ridiculous sassy nature and arguing with Raven. No kidding.]

Next week: WE HAVE ANNE STICKNEY ON THE SHOW!!!!!!! *excited* If you have a lore question please email us or send a voicemail and we will get the Lore Queen herself to answer it! *faints* We might be a bit

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 178: Strutting your Iron Man stuff

It’s all about the Iron Man Challenge this week when the girls are joined by Asyluun. Hear all about why Moogyver is the Scott Johnson of Australia, why Raven hasn’t actually played any WoW this week and how EJ & Marie have done all the homework instead. Iron mans assemble! No. That’s not quite right…oh. Whatever. Insert your own Robert Downey Jr joke here.

You can find Asyluun on Twitter @asyluun and read all about his Iron Man exploits on the Wow Challenges website at

Next week: The lovely Amy joins us to talk about playing this amazing game of ours on a limited schedule. Do you only have a small amount of game time each week? Let us know how you decide what to do and any hints and tips for making the best of things.

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 177: Put on those rose-tinted glasses

This week The Boss is in the house as the girls are joined by Rob Roberts from VOG Network to talk about their favourite memories from WoW of old.  Hear their stories of Ahn’Qiraj, Thunderfury, Karazan and the Lich King as they discuss whether things really were better in the old days.

Some listener favourite moments:

@_gmh_ a the opening of Ahn-Qiraj


@_gmh_ Hitting 60 and jumping off Teldrassil to celebrate


@ayligerwolf in a daily PVP battle in Tol Barad


You can find Rob @skie on Twitter or over at

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 176: Something…something…engineering?

This week EJ has returned and is joined by a very sick Raven who has come back from her holiday at the seaside with plague. Goths! Honestly. Fortunately they are joined by top guest Moogyver to talk about the current legendary quest chain and the state of LFR.

The ring we were talking about was this one, incidentally:

You can find Moo on at, by email at or on twitter @moogyver.

Next week: NOSTALGIA SHOW! Boss Rob joins us to talk about our favourite moments from WoW of old. Put on those rose tinted glasses and send us all our tales of your heroic moments in Azeroth – be it from vanilla, wrath or whenever. Why *was* WoW better in the old days?

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 175: Driving Druids in Trousers

This week Raven and amazing guest host Marie have another round of anecdotes in Raven’s quest to learn to drive, but a listener has an even more impressive tale. And…wait…is that actual WoW news? It is! We talk about how Warlords is going so far and our initial thoughts about the 6.2 patch notes. Also druids should always wear trousers. Just sayin’.

You can find Marie @mbuhtz on Twitter.

No show next week as Raven is off to some Goth festival but we’ll be back on 2nd May with the amazing Mooguyver to talk about Warlords LFR and how we’re finding the new legendary quest chain.

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