Girls Gone WoW – Show 205: Role play in WoW

This week it’s just like the old days as Sil joins us to talk all things role play. Not something EJ & I know a lot about so Sil answered all your questions and gave her best and worst role play experiences.

You can find Sil @McMonkeyz on twitter.

Next week: Akari will be joining us to talk about daily quests! Do you miss them? What makes a good daily quest hub? Were there too many? What should happen in Legion? Let us know!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 204: Alarmed by the thrusting monkey

This week it’s all a bit chaotic as Raven has lost the use of the English language but Cinder joins us to save the day and talk all things beta. Find out what wonderful beta testers the hosts are. Oh yes. We test all the important things.

You can find Cinder @cinder_tweets or ON HER NEW PODCAST at

Next week: We’re taking a break but we will be back on 20 December with Sil to talk all things RP.

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 203: Races of Azeroth

Shoryl joined us this week to talk all about the races of Azeroth. Find out who we think should be playable and why armour is all about the legs…

You can find Shoryl @shoryl_mn. 

Next week: Cinder joins us and we talk all things beta! Are you in either of the betas at the moment? What makes a good beta player? Do you want to be in a beta or would you rather wait until it’s all released?

Girls Gone WoW – Show 202: Transmog baby!

This week Macraz joined us to talk all about the new transmog system! Find out which items we’re super excited to get back, and what we’re going to do with all that bank space.

You can find Macraz on Twitter @Maoclavijor.

Next week: Shoryl will be joining us to talk about the races of Azeroth. Who do you love? Who needs more lore? Which non-playable races would you love to be able to play? Let us know!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 201: It’s Blizzcon time!

And we’re back! This week John joins us to talk about Blizzcon and tell us what it was like to actually be there and see things from the floor. We talk about the news and views on the things revealed and hear from a lot of you about what your best and worst bits were.

Darkmoon Faire event videos:
Legion class & systems panel:
Software engineering panel:
Scott Johnson’s panel:

You can find John on twitter @D4rk5id3

Next week: Macraz joins us and we delve into the new transmog system. What do you think about it? What item are you looking forward to getting back?

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 200a: FINALLY (part the first)

So, interesting fact: Garageband can’t cope with 3 hours of amazing podcast!! Here is the first 1.5 hours of show 200, originally titled ‘200a’. The rest is up shortly!!!

We love you all. Thank you SO MUCH for all the support and input and comments and AMAZINGNESS!! Here’s to the next 200?

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 199: Starting your own podcast

Just one week away from a milestone show and we’re joined by Jack from the Dalaran Brilliance podcast to talk about how you start your own show. Be warned: this one is long. Sorta two for the price on one since we missed last week, I guess.

You can find Jack @Jackofskullz on Twitter or at

Next week: It’s the big show 200!! Keep your questions coming, we’ve had some great ones so far. Questions for Raven to and questions for EJ to

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 198: Rho Gone WoW

This week EJ is struck by an unexpected mother in the her living room and I am instead joined by Rho from Realm Maintenance! We chat about all things podcasting, with some Legion predictions and Warlords thoughts thrown in for good measure.

You can find Rho all over the place, but especially @RhoWoW and @RealmPodcast.

Next wee: Raven is off to Budapest so we’re taking a week off by we’ll be back on 25 October with Jack of Skulls to talk about how to make your own podcast.

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 197: Curing the alt-itis

We have a first time podcaster with us this week: welcome Andy! How are we finding alts in Warlords? Bit tricky I think is the overall verdict but lots of you had things to say on the topic so do take a listen!

You can find Andy @GilneanGuy on twitter.

Next week: Rho is joining us from Realm Maintenance and we’ll be talking all about the state of the podcast community. Tell us your favourite shows! Tell us what you think is missing, or what new podcasts you’d like to see. A

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