Funny wow-stories from our listeners no. 1

As promised I will post all the stories we received from our lovely listeners. I’ll try to spread them out over the following two weeks. We’ll start off with the wonderful stories by Mica.

Story #1

Me and my 2 friends (Ric and Tor) are questing together.

After a first try, we are trying to figure out how the quest is working.

While we are thinking, my curiousness take over and I touch the object I wasn’t supposed too.
So I am suddenly surrounded with a color glow.

Ric seeing that tells me : “Run! Mica! Run!”

So here I run, head first. Ric and Tor by my side killing mobs to help me. Of course I agro all mobs on the way because I am not running straight.

After I while I say : “Ok! I am running! … But where do I go? I don’t know where to run!”


Story #2

Me and my 2 friends (Ric and Tor) are newbie player questing in Tanaris. Two friends of Tor are proposing to run us in a dungeon.

They are level 80 players. We are exited and impressed because that is the first time me and Ric will go in a dungeon.

Here we are following the 2 level 80 on our horses and tigers mount. They are showing us the way to Zul’Farrak (we are going West).

Once we get there we pass the arch and stop. We are only 4 people. Ric is missing. He was following us 10 seconds before.

We ask : “Ric? Where are you?”

… no answer.

We ask again: “Ric? Where are you? Are you coming?”

Ric : “Go ahead. I will catch you up later.”

We say: “ No that’s fine, we will wait for you. Where are you?”

He still doesn’t answer the question. So I look on mini map and I see his dot moving in Un’Goro Crater.

So I ask : “What are you doing in Un’Goro Crater?”

He finally answered humiliated : “I was typing and not looking where I was going. So I have falled in Un’goro Crater.”



Story #3

(***A NPC in game talking to a outhouse. This guy really exist, he is in Honor hold outside the inn.)


A Honor Hold Defender is walking back and forth in front of the outhouse.

Honor Hold Defender: “OY! You in there, this is official Honor Hold business yer holdin’ up!”

… no answer

Honor Hold Defender: “What’s going on in there??? For the love of the LIGHT, Hurry it up!”

… no answer

Honor Hold Defender: “Do ya want me to call a medic? Maybe a priest? It’s been over an hour, mate!”


















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