Funny WoW story No. 3

Jennifer brought us the following story and a bonus video!:


Back when Bastion of Twilight was the highest endgame content in Cataclysm, our raid roster included a hunter.  She was known for goofing up from time to time (the sort of “disengaged off high area, messed up her misdirect” level of goofing up).

One evening in BoT, we had just walked in the door.  This particular time our hunter ran up the stairs, where those two groups of 4-5 mobs each patrolled back and forth, and trapped immediately (while almost getting killed by a channeling eyeball).

…however, she managed to pull BOTH patrolling groups.  Cue mass panic and scrambling for the door, much swearing, and laughing as, prior to the trap going off, raid leader says “You’re lucky” in Vent because the eyeball hadn’t killed her.

Then…then came the wall of solid red.

It’s now a running joke that terrible pulls are lucky.

We even have a video of it (mild swearing, a couple of f-bombs are dropped).

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