Funny WoW Story No. 6

When reading about the competition, the first story that sprang to me was actually very recent. Our guild was working on Deathwing one evening using the Ysera->Noz->Alex->Kale strategy. As we hopped from Alex’s pillar to Kale’s, Deathwing’s head plopped down when we crossed the interim pillar. I noticed theĀ occurrence but figured that it had always appeared, dormant, and I hadn’t noticed it before. Apparently not. As we lay into the final limb tentacle, a few of us were hit with shrapnel as the fragments had spawned over by the head. Suddenly two terrors spawned on our pillar and began to wreak havoc, causing us all to run around in a panic for a few seconds before we were one- and two-shot. I call shenanigans!
I managed to snap a screenshot before dying:
<The Wanderers>

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