Girls gone WoW Show 16: Yohoho and a bottle of whine!

Welcome to Show 16

Welcome Cecilia

Interview Cecilia

  • When did you start playing wow and why?
  • First char? Main char? Alts?
  • Tell us about rp and your website.
  • What do you enjoy most in game?

How was our week in WoW?

Plug  for our website: and levelling project for our listeners and hosts. Grim Grave Warriors is the guild to join on the Sha’tar.

Thoughts on Cataclysm now. What are the best things and what are the worst?

Premium subscription; what is our opinion?

Tweets! A European Blizzcon?


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See you all next week!

Question for our listeners: What should Blizzard get for long time subscribers? A pet? Discounts? A bottle of wine?


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