Girls gone WoW 61: Who wants to talk dirty while we do this shizz?

Show 61:  You wanted more accents, well you got it! We have the lovely Michelle with us and we have dubbed her our own Catherine Zeta Jones. We discuss what to do with class changes or diving into a new role. Ow and there was this small thing…. something about a release date?

Welcome Michelle

Interview time

  • Tell us about yourself; the player behind the characters
  • When and how did you start playing wow?
  • First chars, mains and alts?
  • Tell us about your blog
  • Mists of Pandaria; yay or nay? And why? Switching mains?
  • What are the best and worst boobies in game?

How was our week in WoW?

Which edition are we getting?

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Show 61: How do you pick your role? How do you cope with changes that happen to dps, tanking or healing? Do you dive into it and try to master it or do you switch?

Competitions: When do you think the releasedate for MoP is? Tweet, fb-message or e-mail us your date and your name and you’ll have a chance to win a pet from the Blizzardshop. Can’t sign for the 30th of August! GGW called it.  DetailBear is our winner!

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Show 62 Are you ever jealous of the opposite faction? Tell us why you are or why you are not! #wow #podcasts #warcraft

Girls gone WoW 61

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