Girls gone WoW 65: It’s all about Shane!

Sil is outnumbered this week when her fellow boobies are out and about and drinking cider and gin. Luckily Rob and Sil are joined by the amazing Shane from The Hordehouse podcast. We talk about zones, the colour red, being colour-blind, worgen accents, corgi’s and much more. This show might not have a lot of boobage, but it’s filled with amazingness!

Show 65:

Welcome Shane!

Interview time

  • Tell us about yourself; the player behind the characters
  • When and how did you start playing wow?
  • First chars, mains and alts?
  • Tell us about your podcast Hordehouse
  • Mists of Pandaria; yay or nay? And why? Switching mains?
  • What are the best and worst boobies in game?

How was our week in WoW?

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65: Zones: which zones can you visit time and time again and which will you avoid like the plague? Has your list changed since the Cataclysm and why? What areas in Mists have you heard about and are most excited to get and see for yourself?

Competitions:  Screenshot of you and your favourite companion pet in your favourite place in WoW. Announce on the 23rd of September. 1 screenshot per person!

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Twitter: @shanealenko


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66: Mobile app: do you use it or not? Tell us why? Would you be more inclined to subscribe if it offered more services such as XP gains from your smart phone, or Facebook plugin? Or should a MMO stay on our computers only and not use outside interference in this way? #wow #podcasts #warcraft

Girls gone WoW 65: It’s all about Shane!

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