Girls gone WoW 74 Nobody likes racist boobs

It’s a cross over party here at Girls gone WoW when EJ, Sil and Rob are joined by Rob and Shane from Horde house. We talk a lot about boobies, doing naughty things and forgetting there’s a camera, pet battles and Canada.

Show 74:

Welcome back BossRob & Shane

Interview time

  • Give us an update: what has changed since last time we spoke?
  • What is your favourite thing to do in MoP so far?
  • Boobie-update: what are the best and worst boobies in game right now?

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How was our week in WoW?

–          Panda’s and mining

–          Monks and their instant flightforms

News: lol-player got caught masturbating while streaming, new mounts (windsteed and gryphons/wyverns-update), ej and follow up politics and wow

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Show 74: A wild wow-player appears! Fight! It’s pet battles! Are you enjoying them and do you have your perfect teams? Or are you staying away from this pokemon wannabe? #wow #podcasts #warcraft

–          How far are you (level, defeating trainers)

–          Best team you’ve build

–          What do you like and what not

–          New pets now from old vanilla raids (no longer raidgroup needed)

Competitions: Facebook draw for white raptor/pony bridle Sunday the 28th of October. The winner is…. Nicollette Mahl-Jhinn Cline

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Kun Lai Summit! Grummels, grummels, grummels! What do you think of the Kun Lai Summit area? #wow #podcasts #warcraft

Show 74 Nobody likes racist boobs

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