Girls gone WoW show 42 Awesome Ferret Power!

Tonight we are joined by an amazing, creative guest! We discuss the fact that there is no Blizzcon this year and what should happen to old titles in the game. Rob is showing up late, but has amazing news! Ow yeah… and then there is the fact that we have an amazing contest! Listen now to our new show!

Welcome Eleanor

Interview time

  • Tell us about yourself
  • When and how did you start playing wow?
  • First chars, mains and alts?
  • Impressions of Blizzcon?
  • Mists of Pandaria; yay or nay? And why?
  • What do you think Blizzard will do with the female Pandaren?

How was our week in WoW?

No blizzcon this year.

Plug for our website: Join our alliance guild Immune to Psychology on Earthen Ring. for our guild adventures.

Show 42: Should old titles become unavailable?

Big contest! Thanks to Torhrment/JoAnn: Send in your funniest wow-stories. Winner gets a pet. Send in before 12/2

Tweets and e-mails

Where to find Eleanor

Twitter: @undeadgoat

And her website:

Website:  there’s a shiny donate button. Get EJ her otter!  Plus new video project!

Twitter: @GGWshow and Please leave us reviews on Itunes!

E-mail; or

New streaming project:

Show 43: We want your thoughts about the female pandaren. What do you want them to look like, what accessories, etc and what should they sound like….and what do you think they’ll look like in the end?


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