Girls gone WoW show 44; Warlocks, the dodo’s of WoW

We are talking to our international guest Marie and she tells us all about WoW, children and WoW and how she’s a kittycat. Kung poo panda’s make an appearance and for some weird reason, Rob started yelling beefcake… Oh dear.

Show 44:

Welcome Marie

Interview time

  • Tell us about yourself
  • When and how did you start playing wow?
  • First chars, mains and alts?
  • Impressions of Blizzcon?
  • Mists of Pandaria; yay or nay? And why?
  • What do you think Blizzard will do with the female Pandaren?

How was our week in WoW?

New mount in game. What do we think?

Plug for our website: Join our alliance guild Immune to Psychology on Earthen Ring. for our guild adventures.

Show 44: With a new expansion on the horizon do you stick with your main or do you feel it’s the perfect time to get a new class as your main??

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We’ll have a little break for two weeks and will come back after our time off but won’t be recording every week until more wow-news comes out.

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topic show 45? Professions – is there space for any more professions? And if not, how would you change the existing primary professions?












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