Girls gone WoW show 45 “I just exploded a plainstrider”

We are joined by the lovely Razerbug from the Obscurecast podcast. There was lots of rambling about professions, scrolls of kick in the face and Sil’s fascination for Garrus from Mass Effect. ‘I had reach, she had flexibility. Lots of naughtiness and heavy breathing on the new episode of Girls gone WoW.

Show 45:

Welcome Razerbug

Interview time

  • Quick recap about yourself/what you play and what has changed since last time we spoke

How was our week in WoW?

Scroll of resurrection

Plug for our website:  thinking about making a guild on AD… do people want that?

Topic show 45 Professions – is there space for any more professions? And if not, how would you change the existing primary professions?

Jamie thank you so much for your donation!

Mini-series:  how to start with… rp (part 1) finding a server and coming up with a character.

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We’ll be recording every other week now.

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Twitter: @RzBg

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topic show 46: Questing: do you quest or would you rather poke your eyes out with a rusty spork? Do you do dailes, enjoy them or hate them? Is questing in WoW too linear? What could Blizz learn from other MMOs about quests or should the others be learning from Blizz?

Girls gone WoW show 45 “I just exploded a plainstrider”

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