Girls gone WoW show 48: My egg! Get away you egg-thieving bunnies!

Add-ons, add-ons and more add-ons will be dominating this show. We are joined by EJ’s other half Simes and we talk about evil bunnies who try to steal our eggs!

Show 48:

Welcome back Si

Interview time

  • Quick recap about yourself/what you play and what has changed since last time we spoke

How was our week in WoW?

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Addons: what can’t you live without? Can you play the game at all/any level without them these days and is it only going to get worse? What type of addon would you like to see available?

Big contest! Thanks to Torhrment/JoAnn: We are creating a podcast guild on Argent Dawn EU hordeside, but we need a name and an rp-story for the guild. Contest ends 29th of April. We already got a few good submissions, but we really like to see more!

Mini-series:  how to start with… rp (part 3) how to start to actually rp with others.

Don’t forget that we need your input for our segment: how to start with… Which subjects do you want us to feature?

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Show 49 Guilds: what sort of new perks do you think we will be seeing in MOP? And how many more levels will we have to climb? Do you think fewer guilds being made and leveled due to this new system being in place and players have certain expectations?

show 48

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