Girls gone WoW show 49; Competition Extravaganza

It’s an all girls show this time when the lovely JoAnn comes and visits GGW in Rob’s absence. We finally pick the winner of the guildnaming contest and discuss everything guild-wise and how to heckle one of our friends… @Rzbg…send him tweets. You know you want to!

Show 49:

Welcome back JoAnn

Interview time

  • Quick recap about yourself/what you play and what has changed since last time we spoke

How was our week in WoW?

With the new expansion coming out, we need some new intro and outro music. Are you able to produce our new intro and outro tune? Then send it in to us and the best one will of course be used for our show and you will get a gift from the blizzard shop from us.

Now I also would like to change our cover art. So if you can provide us with some amazing artwork, then again you will be rewarded with a gift from the blizzard shop.

Plug for our website:

Guilds: what sort of new perks do you think we will be seeing in MOP? And how many more levels will we have to climb? Do you think fewer guilds are being made and leveled due to this new system being in place and players have certain expectations?

Big contest finalle! Thanks to Torhrment/JoAnn: We are creating a podcast guild on Argent Dawn EU hordeside, but we need a name and an rp-story for the guild. And the winner is….

Mini-series:  how to start with… making a guild (part 1)

Don’t forget that we need your input for our segment: how to start with… Which subjects do you want us to feature?

Tweets and e-mails

Where to find JoAnn

Twitter: @Torhrment and  on the Drenden server in the hordehouse guild.

We need guests!!! Send us an e-mail or a tweet if you want to be on our show! We’d love to get some of our old guests back too!

Website:  there’s a shiny donate button.

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Rob: @GGWRoboto


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Show 50  Capital Cities: is there any way to stop a particular city from become the lagfest of the expansion? What would you like to see done about this or is it not an issue?

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And what are your greatest moments in your history of wow? Tell us a tale of epicness.

show 49

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