Girls gone WoW show 50; Kill the girl with the totems!

We have reached a milestone with show number 50! In our midlife crisis we have decided that we need a younger, male co-host. No offence Rob. The lovely Jen is joining us and we talk a lot about wow (and a bit about Diablo 3) and discuss what our best and worst moments were in the game we love to play.

Show 50:

Welcome back Jen

Interview time

  • Quick recap about yourself/what you play and what has changed since last time we spoke

How was our week in WoW?

With the new expansion coming out, we need some new intro and outro music. Are you able to produce our new intro and outro tune? Then send it in to us and the best one will of course be used for our show and you will get a gift from the blizzard shop from us.

Now I also would like to change our cover art. So if you can provide us with some amazing artwork, then again you will be rewarded with a gift from the blizzard shop.

Plug for our website:

Capital Cities: is there any way to stop a particular city from become the lagfest of the expansion? What would you like to see done about this or is it not an issue?


Special show 50 topic: And what are your greatest moments in your history of wow? Tell us a tale of epicness. Or epic fail 😉

Join our guild on Argent Dawn EU horde side: Ashes of Man

Mini-series:  how to start with… making a guild (part 2) How to promote your guild outside the game

Don’t forget that we need your input for our segment: how to start with… Which subjects do you want us to feature?

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Shattered soulstone –

Twitter: @queenofhaiku

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Show 51:  Alliance or Horde? Mists will bring with it a return to the original idea of the two main factions at loggerheads with each other (no spoilers as to why). With this in mind, how have you chosen your faction? Are you, like Sil, happily bi-factional and do you find this easy or a struggle? Have you decided which way your Panda will swing or are you happy to see which faction offers you the most suitable future once you hit lvl 10 and decision time? What has made you change faction in the past? Are the Alliance really the goodies, and the Horde the baddies?

Show 50 Kill the girl with the totems

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