I can’t decide!!

It’s horrible! This game offers me far too many options. I started 2 baby alts on a pvp server. A warrior and a Druid. Both with the thought of making them tanks. I’m having a blast on the warrior! Sure, instancing can be a bit frustrating with all the heirloomed-out dps, but I like tanking. I still find it scary as hell though.

But now I don’t know what I want for cata. Stick with my Druid and make her a tank or actually making a worgen warrior? Urgh far too many fun things in this game.

I also got an invite to the beta. I should really take some time to check it out properly and post about it on this blog, but I don’t even know where to start… Anyone got any ideas? And what are your plans for cata? Rerolling? Different spec? Getting your main to the levelcap?

3 thoughts on “I can’t decide!!

  1. I think that’s part of the excitement about an expansion in which so many things are changing. What do I do first? Do I get my main to 85 to experience the endgame content? Do I roll that goblin or worgen so I can see all the new quests from the ground up? Do I try to roll that class i’ve always wanted to play but never was able to stick with (*koffpriestkoffkoff*)? So many different things to try!

    I have 8 friggin 80s right now. Only 2 are worth writing home about these days, but as you can tell i’m an altaholic through and through. I’ll probably get my druid and my hunter to 80 (my two “mains”) and then from there.. Hell I don’t even know.

    • I think starting a Worgen is set in stone, isn’t it? A brand new starting zone, brand new starting quests… even if you don’t keep them, you have to start one!

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