Girls Gone WoW – Show 331: What are you doing differently in BAzeroth?

This week Tre joined us once again and we had a wonderful show chatting about all the stuff people are doing differently this time around.

You can find Tre on twitter @imortalscot

Next week: MARIE IS BACK! W00t! And we’re talking about people’s favourite levelling zones. Do you already have a favourite, and why?

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 330: Bazeroth arrives!

It’s finally here! The day we have been waiting for! We’re finally getting into Bazeroth!!! And Shoryl has joined us to share her experiences of launch and lots of your wrote in to share yours too!

You can find Shoryl @shoryl_mn on Twitter.

Next week: Tre will be joining us and we’ll be asking you if you’re leveling a new main in Bazeroth or if there’s some other way this expansion will be different for you!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 329: Teldrassil Debrief

We’re back! Did you miss us? This week our lovely friend Sess joins us to talk about all the pre-patch lore and how annoyed we are about the Tree. *sadness*

You can find Sess on Twitter @sessifet25

Next week: LAUNCH DAY IS HERE!!!! WOOOOOOOOO And Shoryl will be with us on the show to give her thoughts about week one of the new expansion!!!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 322: Hopes for lore in Bazeroth!

This week The Akasaurus joined us to talk about the lore in WoW, and what we’re hoping for in Bazeroth. There was also a slightly unfortunate incident of gnome hate but we’ll gloss over that for now…

You can find Akasaurus @theAkasaurus on twitter

Next week: No guess in case we end up drinking too much gin in the afternoon but give us your bucket list updates! How are you getting on?

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