Girls Gone WoW – Show 299: Levelling up!

Marie is back this week and we’re talking all thing levelling! Find out how we feel about the new old world level scaling and other stuff as well.

You can find Marie on twitter @mbhutz

Next week: It’s finally here. Show 300! Ask us stuff! What worked for 200 seemed to go down well, so if you have questions for EJ email them to me and if you questions for me email them to EJ!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 298: Classic WoW

We’re talking about Classic this week with our lovely friend Joe from The Podcast of the Whale. Find out what we think Classic should look like! Seems like it’s a contentious issue.

You can find Joe all over the place! @epicgrays, @podofthewhale @geektitude…

Next week: Marie is back and we’re talking about leveling! Are you looking forward to the world scaling? Or can’t wait for the Classic grind? Do you like leveling or do you only really like end game content.

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 297: Putting the war into warcraft

This week Robbie and Razerbug from the Geek Card Show are back with us after a long break! And we’re talking about faction war: should it continue or has it had its day – lots of feedback from listeners on this one so it seems we all have onions on it!

You can find Robbie @robbie_glow, Razerbug @rzbg and The Geek Card Show @TGCshow on Twitter.

Next week: We’re talking Classic WoW with our lovely friend Joe who is doing a new podcast all about it!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 296: Professional professions

Thanks to Tre for stepping into the breach this week and coming to talk to us about professions! We had lots of thoughts from about what works and what doesn’t and what we’d like to see in the future.

You can find Tre @imortalscot on Twitter

Next week: We have a gap but maybe Robbie and Razerbug from the Geek Card will fill it for us….?

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 294: Blizzcon reporter on the ground

Long one this week people! Eric is back with us to report back on what it was like to actually be at Blizzcon! Sounds like he had an amazing time!

You can’t find Eric as he deosn’t do social media but we love him anyway.

Next week: Turarts is joining us! She’ll be talking about what it’s like to be an event organiser in a huge guild like CTR and what goes on behind the scenes organising their annual party.

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 293: Blizzcon first thoughts

Bit of a mixed bag show for you this week. You’ll find about 40 mins of us and a few of our friends giving some hot of the presses thoughts on Saturday, and then EJ and I go through some of your first thoughts about all the Blizzcon news! Safe to say…there are mixed feelings.

Next week: Eric is joining us to tell us what it was like to actually be at Blizzcon! Tell us what you thought about the community contests!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 292: Past expansion nostalgia

We have a new never seen before guest this week! Everyone welcome Trims! We had a lovely chat about things from past expansions we would like to have seen taken forward and some new ideas too.

You can find Trims on Twitter @hgsmart

Next week: We’ll be doing some Blizzcon reaction hopefully recorded live with some friends. Watch this space!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 291: Catching up!

This week wonderful Spanky joined us again and we managed to ask him inappropriate questions before he caught us up on catch up mechanics. Sounds like it’s pretty easy to get a 110 sorted at the moment!

You can find Spanky @spankyhunter on twitter

Next week: Trims is coming along to talk about things you would have liked to have seen Blizzard take forward from pass expansions that they didn’t. If that makes sense. Although tomorrow you will get the long lost show 288 to keep you ticking over…

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