Girls Gone WoW – Show 180: The late night lore show with Anne Stickney

This week, OMG! We have the one and only, the AMAZEBALLS Anne Stickney as our guest so we can only talk about one thing: lore in the World of Warcraft. Turns out we can talk about this for a loooooong time. The show is over two hours. Sorry about this. My hosting isn’t too happy about it either, AH WELL. It is a pretty damned good show even if I do say so myself so belly up to the bar, snag a glass of your favourite beverage and hear everything we have to say about lore with an expert in the house.

You can find Anne over at (Raven & EJ are proud patrons!) and weekly on the Blizzard Watch podcast on iTunes or on twitter @shadesogrey.

You can see Marzana’s GamesCon pictures over at

Next week: We are on a roll for AMAZEBALLS guest and next week Jules & Marconin from the Tauren Think Tank will be joining us! Get us your Dear Abby questions for advice needed in WoW and we’ll try and get them answered for you. Voicemails would be awesome!! #justsayin

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