Girls Gone WoW – Show 248: WHAT ARE YOU HIDING?

Constraxx joins us again this week to talk about hidden artifact appearances and Raven’s inability to open her own bedroom door without smacking herself in the face. It’s been a week. Also some pony stuff and driving stories so we’ve got all your bases covered!

You can find Constraxx on Twitter @constraxxone.

Next week: Eric is joining us to talk about voiceover work in Wow! What’s your favourite? Who would you love to hear do an NPC? Let us know!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 242: Artifact weapons!

The lovely Shoryl joins us again this week to chat about artifact weapons. How are you finding yours? And how are they for alts or second specs?

You can find Shoryl on Twitter @shoryl_mn

Next week: Tre is joining us again and we talk about quest progression and profession quests!

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