Girls Gone WoW – Show 333: The Women of Warcraft

Raven is a bit under the weather this week and briefly forgot how numbers work before we pressed the record button. Sorry if it’s all a bit flaky! We had the wonderful Caz with us though and it’s a great show.

You can find Caz on Twitter @caz_lives or over on our Discord.

Next week: Someone will come along and say something.

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 302: Hopes for Battle for Azeroth!

Loads of you wrote in this week to tell us what you hope to see in Battle and it was wonderful, thank you. We discussed all your thoughts and our own with lovely guest Caz! It’s a good show.

You can find Caz on Twitter @caz_lives.

Next week: Codecat will be joining us to talk about the art design in Legion! What do you think of the new zones? Raid concepts? Other stuff. TELL US!

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