Girls Gone WoW – Show 314: What new players don’t know!

Regular guest Marie is back with us again so it’s a long one! We had a lovely chat about what I wished EJ had told me when I first started playing and what gems we might pass on to new players in general.

You can find Marie on Twitter @mbuhtz

Next week: Gabe is joining us and we’re talking pet battles! Are you an avid pet battler? Have you tried the dungeons? What do you hope for in Bazeroth?

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 299: Levelling up!

Marie is back this week and we’re talking all thing levelling! Find out how we feel about the new old world level scaling and other stuff as well.

You can find Marie on twitter @mbhutz

Next week: It’s finally here. Show 300! Ask us stuff! What worked for 200 seemed to go down well, so if you have questions for EJ email them to me and if you questions for me email them to EJ!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 276: Drooods

Marie joined us this week, after some technical difficulties, and we talked about the best class in game: druids! Hear what we think about them in Legion, and why we were drawn to them in the first place with your usual mix of pony stories and cat interruptions.

You can find Marie @mbuhtz on Twitter.

Next week: *drumroll* We’re talking Warriors so who have we got coming in? Only Matt Rossi!!! Blizzard Watch’s very own Rossi will be talking all things lore, warriors and about his books. We are taking questions for this one so please get us your questions for him by FRIDAY please!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 262: Titles!

Marie is back! We love Marie! And a great topic this week that inspired a lot of you to get in touch; titles in game – what do we like, what do we not like and what do we think should be added.

You can find Marie @mbhutz on Twitter.

Next week: Sess will be joining us to talk about how the art of the game has changed in each expansion. Remember the square trees in Classic?!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 231: Something about quests?

This week Marie joined EJ to talk about quests but I’ve no idea what happened because I DIDN’T HAVE ANY FUCKING INTERNET. So I’ll be listening to find out just like you will. Woo. Fucking. Hoo.

You can find Marie @Mbhutz on Twitter.

Next week: We’ll try and have a show on SUNDAY like normal and my internet will work. That’s what will happen. Um. I’ve no idea who’s coming on the show and Boris Johnson was just appointed Foreign Secretary so to be honest we’ll probably be at war with someone by then….

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 214: For the Alliance!!

The girls are both a bit weary this week but they have most regular guest Marie back to help keep things moving! This weeks’ topic is the Alliance: why do we like playing on this side? What are our favourite bits of lore?

You can find Marie @mbuhtz on Twitter.

Next week: Not quite sure what we’re doing! If you want to be a guest let us know!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 195: Keeping busy

This week Marie is back and we’re talking about what we’re up to at this stage of the expansion. Lots of idea here for how to keep busy, just skip over the ‘writing off your car at 5 mph’ approach that Raven chose, ok?

Our Blizzcon Sunday Lunch event can be found here:¬† Do join us if you’re in London!

You can find Marie @mbhutz on twitter.

Next week: Roxiq will be joining us to talk all about twitter and WoW. Let us have your thoughts on how it enhances your gaming experience.

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 185: Talking the talk

This week we have the lovely Marie on the show once more to have a chat about the recent developer interviews and communication between Blizzard and the player base. Sorry my sound isn’t up to usual standards, my decent microphone has stopped talking to my computer. I shall be offering them counselling this week in the hope of resolving their issues before next weeks’ show!

You can find Marie on Twitter @mbhutz.

Next week: Tre is joining us once again and we will be discussing what Blizzard could do to bring players back to the game once all the controversy has died down. Let us have your thoughts!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 175: Driving Druids in Trousers

This week Raven and amazing guest host Marie have another round of anecdotes in Raven’s quest to learn to drive, but a listener has an even more impressive tale. And…wait…is that actual WoW news? It is! We talk about how Warlords is going so far and our initial thoughts about the 6.2 patch notes. Also druids should always wear trousers. Just sayin’.

You can find Marie @mbuhtz on Twitter.

No show next week as Raven is off to some Goth festival but we’ll be back on 2nd May with the amazing Mooguyver to talk about Warlords LFR and how we’re finding the new legendary quest chain.

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