Girls Gone WoW – Show 297: Putting the war into warcraft

This week Robbie and Razerbug from the Geek Card Show are back with us after a long break! And we’re talking about faction war: should it continue or has it had its day – lots of feedback from listeners on this one so it seems we all have onions on it!

You can find Robbie @robbie_glow, Razerbug @rzbg and The Geek Card Show @TGCshow on Twitter.

Next week: We’re talking Classic WoW with our lovely friend Joe who is doing a new podcast all about it!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 162: Happy New year!

Happy New Year to all listeners of the show! We have Razerbutt┬áRazerbug with us this week and we have a golly good chat about why he’s back in the game and all the ways in which Warlords has re-engaged the player base. Also, find out about his new project!

You can find Razerbug on Twitter @rzbg

Next week – show 163: Jegger will be on our show and we will discuss what has gotten us frustrated in WoD.