Girls Gone WoW – Show 281: Divine Retribution of the Holy Light

This week was a super exciting show as Shoryl had come allllllll the way to London from the amazing Minnesota! So we recorded round my coffee table. Hopefully the sound is ok.

You can find Shoryl @shoryl_mn on Twitter.

Next week: We’re doing The Antiques Rogueshow and all being old and talking about rogues? Is that how that works? Tell us things.

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 242: Artifact weapons!

The lovely Shoryl joins us again this week to chat about artifact weapons. How are you finding yours? And how are they for alts or second specs?

You can find Shoryl on Twitter @shoryl_mn

Next week: Tre is joining us again and we talk about quest progression and profession quests!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 203: Races of Azeroth

Shoryl joined us this week to talk all about the races of Azeroth. Find out who we think should be playable and why armour is all about the legs…

You can find Shoryl @shoryl_mn. 

Next week: Cinder joins us and we talk all things beta! Are you in either of the betas at the moment? What makes a good beta player? Do you want to be in a beta or would you rather wait until it’s all released?