Girls Gone WoW – Show 291: Catching up!

This week wonderful Spanky joined us again and we managed to ask him inappropriate questions before he caught us up on catch up mechanics. Sounds like it’s pretty easy to get a 110 sorted at the moment!

You can find Spanky @spankyhunter on twitter

Next week: Trims is coming along to talk about things you would have liked to have seen Blizzard take forward from pass expansions that they didn’t. If that makes sense. Although tomorrow you will get the long lost show 288 to keep you ticking over…

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 264: It’s time for PVP!

This week the wonderful SpankyHunter joined us once again to tell us all about the PVP changes in Legion and how they’ve affected the game. I would have actually got in and played some PVP before the show but I couldn’t move the cat so you’ll have to do with EJ’s thoughts as well.

You can find Spanky on Twitter @spankyhunter

Next week: Leeta’s back! We’re all about #teampositive next week so tell us about all the good things that have happened for you in game recently.

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 225: Missing you already…!

Regular listener & contributor Spanky joins us to talk about what we’ll miss about the Warlords when it goes away. Which will be very soon. Very very soon. Honest.

You can find Spanky on Twitter @RichardkurnieJ.

Next week: We are talking about the movie! Because we get to see on Saturday!!!! WOOOHOOOOOOOO

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 210: Kill all the things!

This week we were delighted to be joined by regular listener and contributor to the show Spankyhunter! Find out his top tips for starting PVP this late in the expansion and why actually, this is the perfect time to dive right in.

You can find Spanky on Twitter @RichardkurnieJ.

Next week: Leeta is back! We’re talking about what do we mean by ‘alt-friendly’: Warlords has been much criticized for not being it, so what does it mean for you? How would you like Legion to be better?

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