True love; or how do you know you’ve found the perfect character to play?

When I had to pick my first character I went through all the class descriptions. I fell in love with the druid because I love shapeshifting classes. Then I had to pick a race. Back then I was rather shallow and I refused to play a Tauren (I have to admit I love them now) so I picked this pretty Nightelf female. I played druid nightelves for ages. My main is still a night elf druid.

Lately however I’ve fallen out of love with the class. I’m much more interested in my horde characters for the time being. The weird thing is that now I find it so difficult to settle on a class. I made a shaman, a warlock, a rogue, a hunter and a paladin. I love the paladin, but I can’t play her for podcast purposes. So I have to pick another class. The rogue…meh…perhaps it’s because I’ve played the goblin starting area too much, but I just can’t get a lot of joy out of playing her.

Then there was the orc hunter. I love pet collecting and I love orc females. I played a few levels on her, but it all seemed so boring. I’m not sure how to describe it. It just didn’t give me that amazing feeling playing her.

Of to the undead warlock. I was in love with the quests in Silverpine Forest and really enjoyed questing there. Then I went to Southshore and again I just didn’t really feel the connection any longer. I do intend on playing her (same as with the hunter), but I don’t really want to play her right now.

Last chance I guess with the troll shaman. After watching the new patch video and getting a small jolt of joy when seeing Voll’jin I wanted a baby troll, with Mohawk of course. I thought about giving shaman a shot. Perhaps a hybrid (the classes I tend to go for) would make me fall in love again. I have to admit…it’s not bad. She’s only level 8 at the moment and I haven’t settled on a spec just yet, but I’m thinking of enhancement/resto. I can see myself rp-ing with her and best of all: no bouncie boobs.

I have to confess that my big class-crush at the moment is my paladin Tauren. And I’ll love playing her, but I think this baby shaman will keep me entertained for a very long time.

So what about you guys. How did you know you picked the right class for you?









One thought on “True love; or how do you know you’ve found the perfect character to play?

  1. I love my druid healer. I, like you, have played alot of the classes out there. This night elf makes me smile just thinking about logging in.

    It’s the healing, I really enjoy healing. I thought after years of it I would be burned out but no, I’m not. My heals are fun, pretty and wow! Awesome! I throw a handful of leaves at you & you ARE HEALED! Praise the gods!

    At the start, I didn’t know if I would like healing or be any good at it. I didn’t want to wear cloth & a pally looked too confusing. So druid it was. Shamans weren’t available to alliance at the time. Sometimes I miss treant form, I long again for what is familiar.

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