Badges, good or not?

I’ve been a raider since vanilla. You got the best gear with either pvp or raiding back then and I can still remember that a large group of my raidteam that was geared up in Blackwing lair gear could easily dominate a battleground.

I hear a lot of old school raiders complain about the badges. “It’s too easy to get gear,” “the game is being made too easy”, things like that. I don’t think that’s entirely true. Most gear that you get from ICC is better than the gear you get from badges. So raiding is again ‘worth more’ then the badges.

I actually see it as an opportunity to be more flexible with your spec. Let me explain, I’m a druid and as most wow-players know, druids have different roles. I’ve been a healer/moonkin for years. At the raids my guild runs now, I’m always a resto. I will not roll on moonkin or feral gear if someone else can use it for their main spec. Now at times that can be a bit frustrating (believe me, questing in resto spec, not fun) and sometimes you just want to run around in a different spec and experience the game from that point of view.

My guild wouldn’t take me as anything but a resto since my gear for other specs is just not good enough for ICC. That’s where badges come in, you can get some good gear from them and it gives you the chance to chance your spec and joining in raids if you wanted to without people screaming: too low gearscore! (Not that my guildies would do that, but I do not want to feel like I’m being carried).

So, yeah I can see why people are a bit upset about getting gear with badges, but there are a lot of good points about having them too. I’m perfectly fine with badges in the game. If a player is bad, he will always be bad. Gear does not solve that.

4 thoughts on “Badges, good or not?

  1. I also have mixed feelings about badgers. I do like the heirloom gear bonuses, but I also miss the oldschool style of “Epic really is epic”. You used to drool when you saw a guy in full Tier 2. Now everyone and his uncle has T10 or higher.
    The good about badge gear is that it doesn’t take you 6 months of farming Scholo for that dungeon piece or 30 Gehennas kills for that Tier piece. WoW is more forgiving, easier to just get in and play, easier to get your alt to the same level as your main (Something that was nigh-on impossible in Vanilla)
    And totally +1 on the ” If a player is bad, he will always be bad.” It’s just harder to spot the bad players early now :p

  2. thumbs up! So true about seeing the baddies later then earlier 🙂

    Badges are a good way to get your offspec gear. I am holy/disc on my priest so not too bad on getting gear. But my pally is Holy/Ret….so yeah sometimes getting ret gear is a pain but easily fixable with badge gear. I have never played WOW back in the day, but I did come from FFXI where the best gear was obtained from raiding…so I can see how older players can say epics are raining from the sky XD

  3. I can tell you with some certainty that were it not for the badge system, I (and several of my guild-mates) would not be able to raid successfully.

    So while I understand the feeling of “I had to work my butt off to get here and this player just turned 80 a week ago and has almost the same gear as me, WTF?” I also understand that they *have* to have a way for players to get caught up quickly.


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