Girls Gone WoW – Show 287: Monks of cool

We finally make it to the end of our class series with Issac joining us to tackle Monks! Seems like they’re not that popular which is a shame, but we discuss their versatility and cool class mount.

You can find Issac on twitter @snowskeleton

Next week: We’ve only got Joe Perez coming on!!! We’re opening the floor to any questions for Joe you might have: lore, Shamans and Blizzardwatch seem to be good topics.

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 263: Patch 7.2

Sorry for the delay but we’ve FINALLY managed to get you a show!!! Just EJ & Raven this week as technical difficulties on the weekend left us guest-less but fear not, Tre will be back soon! Fortunately you all had lots of things to say about the patch so there’s still a good lot of show to be had.

Next week: Well, Saturday actually….like in 3 days….Spanky is joining us to talk about PVP! How are you finding Legion PVP? Have you tried a brawl yet? Let us know how it is for you!

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Transmog pictures

Here are some of the pictures you sent us of your transmogs!

“These are my 3 favorite transmogs at the moment.

Cyne wears leather because Rogue, and this particular set I happen to really like and it works on any race.

Jenefer the warlock, in the Legion times, went for more of a warlock me? Noooooo just an explorer. See? Hat! She looks fairly normal really. No giant blazing Fel Staves or anything.

Unlike Larimar on the right who Ive written about before because that massive fiery hammer is just not going to work with anything. Sometimes you have to build around your weapon and this was one of those times.

Transmog is fun!”


Girls Gone WoW – Show 228: Vanilla or bust

This week Tre joined us once again to chat about vanilla and pristine servers, why people might like them and why all our listeners think they’re are a bad idea. Skype continues to be a problem which is sub-optimal but not much can be done about it. Boo

You can find Tre on twitter @imortalscot

Next week: Natanie joins us again so we’ll be recording on Saturday night!!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 218: Transmog baby!

This week Ams joined us and we talked all about our favourite transmog sets, how we make them and which items we like.

Some links to Ams favourite ones:

Lisia’s blog:

Sivation’s tweets:


Warlock transmog

Hunter transmog: the result

Spanky’s tweets:

Insane in the Membrane macro from Gildina:

  • /tar Shakes
  • /tar Deck/li>
  • /tar Doc/li>
  • /tar Prof
  • /tar Captain
  • /tar First
  • /cast {your damage spell}

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Next week: Lisia is joining us to talk about casual hardcore raiding!

Girls Gone Wow – Show 193: I believe I can fly…

It’s all about flying this week when ZombeeDan joins us. The patch has dropped and we’re all airborne so find out what we’re making of that, and all about Raven’s new car as that’s pretty much the only thing she can talk about. Sorry!

You can find Dan @ZombeeDan on Twtter.

Next week: Lexi & Gwen from the Booty Bay Press will be joining us to talk about starting your own guild, so if you have any thoughts or questions about that send them our way!

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Girls Gone WoW – Show 176: Something…something…engineering?

This week EJ has returned and is joined by a very sick Raven who has come back from her holiday at the seaside with plague. Goths! Honestly. Fortunately they are joined by top guest Moogyver to talk about the current legendary quest chain and the state of LFR.

The ring we were talking about was this one, incidentally:

You can find Moo on at, by email at or on twitter @moogyver.

Next week: NOSTALGIA SHOW! Boss Rob joins us to talk about our favourite moments from WoW of old. Put on those rose tinted glasses and send us all our tales of your heroic moments in Azeroth – be it from vanilla, wrath or whenever. Why *was* WoW better in the old days?

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Online Gambling Tips For Gamer Girls

We focus a great deal on World of Warcraft here, but the truth is girls who enjoy online gaming have many options beyond WoW. The Internet gaming community is growing rapidly every day, and one result of this is that there are seemingly unlimited forums in which gamer girls can enjoy a bit of interactive competition. And one of the most enjoyable types of online gaming, these days, can be found in the Internet casino industry.


Let’s get one thing clear right off the bat: casino gaming online isn’t legal everywhere (in fact, in the U.S. it’s illegal almost everywhere). However, some online casinos do offer you “play money” options, so that you can still enjoy simulated gaming, and odds are that casinos are gradually legalized in more and more areas.


Now on to the fun stuff. Getting into online casino gaming can be a blast, but it also requires a strategic approach. So here are five tips for girls who want to try their hands at online gambling!


Set A Limit


This is the #1 tip for any gambler, but is particularly important for those gambling online, where you can spend more money with the click of a button. The Heavy news and entertainment site recommends setting a limit for your gambling (as in, how much you’re willing to spend, or perhaps a number of losses at which you’ll stop playing) and sticking to it no matter what.


Know Your Games


This may sound obvious, but in many gaming environments the best way to learn is just to dive in. For example, it’s hard to properly prepare yourself for a foray into WoW by reading or studying in advance. It’s best for first timers to simply jump in and learn along the way. Gambling games are precisely the opposite. Rules, tips and strategies are of the utmost importance, and it’s important to know your games in advance.


Find Beginner Environments


There are dozens of prominent online poker rooms and casino environments, but some cater more effectively to beginner players than others. The Bet Fair poker site goes as far as to offer beginner player packages and detailed instructions on getting started at the site, all of which can be helpful for a girl who’s new to online gambling. Jumping into a complex or expert environment can be a bit overwhelming when you’re starting off, so keep an eye out for tools and perks like these when you’re finding sites to play at.


Ignore The Movies & Television


For many who are just starting out in online gaming, the prevailing image might be that of Matt Damon bent over a dramatic card game in the film Rounders, or of a high stakes summer poker game on ESPN. Try to erase these memories and expectations. Films and high stakes tournaments are designed for drama, and keeping them in mind can make you play a bit recklessly!


Avoid Multitasking

This has emerged as a major issue for online gamblers. Basically, it’s simple: online casino games require your full attention, and while it’s fine to throw on some music in the background, or chat with others in the game, multitasking and diverting attention can be disastrous for your gaming! Translation: don’t be pulling out your smartphone between poker hands every couple of minutes, or you will miss out on important bets and game trends!


Again, you’ll learn more as you play, and a lot depends on which specific games you get into. You may prefer blackjack to poker, or you may simply stick to online slot machines or roulette. But these tips for getting started with online gambling can help in any game, and should set you