Day 2 – Favourite race and why?

When I first started playing, I knew what I wanted to be: a Nightelf. I liked their looks and I was a sucker for pretty races.
After 6 years I still like the looks of Nightelves (but please give the old models more pixels, Blizz!), but I am not impressed with their background stories. I’ve read the almost all of the WoW books and I started to dislike the Nightelf-vision a bit. They have a dislike for the other races, started a lot of crap because they couldn’t control their magic addiction and they still seem very much xenophobic after all these years of working within the Alliance. I still like their looks though *grins*. It must be the face tattoos on the female models.

After 6 years I am starting to feel a lot more love for the horde models: I always got the feeling that orc-ladies looked wrong. Too masculine I guess. After reading Rise of the horde however, I started to appreciate these strong females a lot more.
The same goes for Tauren ladies; I love how the race is as a whole. So in tune with nature and they seem like gentle giants. After they updated the feral models for all druids, I just fell in love with their bear- and cat-forms.

But from tomorrow on I know that my favourite race will be goblins. I tried them in the beta and I’ve never had so much fun. I love their animations, their silly and fabulous hairstyles and what they stand for. Short yet deadly, but not having the absolute cute-factor that I sometimes get when seeing gnomes. I think this will be my ideal race to play. I can’t wait for tonight!

Everyone have fun playing Cataclysm!

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