Girls gone WoW 104: Vale of erternal jam

Show 104: Naked gnomes! Naked gnomes! And Marie!

Welcome Marie!

Interview time

–          Tell us about yourself briefly, the player behind the characters (Sil)

–          How did you start playing WoW? (Raven)sil

–          What was your first character, do you still play them now and how do you feel about alts? (EJ)

–          Now that we are more than 6mths into Pandaria, how are you feeling about the expansion and how do you feel it is lining up amongst all the WoW expansions? (Rob)

–          – what’s your favourite thing to do in WoW? (ej)

–          – apart from us who are your favourite other podcasts? (ej)

–          What has being part of the wow community meant to you? (Raven) rob

–          What would you like to see happen in the future when it comes to WoW?  (Rob)

–          Finally, and most importantly, who has the best boobies in the World of Warcraft? (Sil)

How was our week in WoW?

(Ghemits bumper)

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Show 104: How have people found 5.3? Are you leveling alts? And what did you think about the 7th Sha and how it was revealed? #wow #podcasts #warcraft

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