Girls gone WoW 54: Refreshingly Exotic

The ladies of GGW are joined by Akabeko who is all the way over in Japan and starts her morning without a coffee. She’s braver then us! We chat about all the grinding we do… rep grinding that is. Also achievement unlocked: Sil is speechless for the first time!

Show 54:

Welcome back Akabeko

Interview time

  • Give us an update: what has changed since last time we spoke?

How was our week in WoW?

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Show 54:  Reputations – a time for tales of rep grinds old and new. Is rep too easy to obtain these days? How would you make changes to current systems? Are there rep grinds that need a complete overhaul? Which ones do/did it best?

Mini-series:  how to… start rep grinding

Don’t forget that we need your input for our segment: how to… Which subjects do you want us to feature?

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PvP – What kind of changes are happing to PvP in MoP and are we happy with them? What kind ofof bg’s would we like to see, or what changes to current bg’s should be happening? Should we get more mounts through pvp? Any brilliant pvp stories? Or were they more horror-stories? Share them! #wow #podcasts #warcraft

Show 54: Refreshingly Exotic


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