Girls gone WoW 75: Grummles say ‘No’ to asshats!

Show 75: This week the GGW-crew goes all serious when we tackle some very serious subjects with regards to the behaviour of the wow-community. Of course we have some more light-hearted topics like the accents in wow, lopsided boobies and loincloths. However, this weeks side topic is something we feel very strongly about and we hope we did it enough justice on our podcast.

Welcome back Summer

Interview time

  • Give us an update: what has changed since last time we spoke?
  • What is your favourite thing to do in MoP so far?
  • Boobie-update: what are the best and worst boobies in game right now?

How was our week in WoW?

News: New Vol’jin model

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Show 75: Kun Lai Summit! Grummles, grummles, grummles! What do you think of the Kun Lai Summit area?

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Have you done your dailies yet? Better hurry up to get your rep up! What do you think of grinding for Rep through the dailies? Which ones do you love and which one can’t you stand? What rep grind was the easiest and which is not fun at all? Or is there a group of NPC’s that should have a daily faction grind? Also important! We have Kevin and Apsana from the Darkmoon Herald podcast. Have any questions for them? Make sure to send them in! #wow #podcasts #warcraft

show 75: Grummles say ‘No’ to asshats!

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