Girls gone WoW Show 14

In this show we have a very special guest from Japan. We talk about the changes that are happening in our podcast and about the new hatchling that Blizzard has brought out. Which also has to do with Japan!

You can find the link to Red Cow’s blog here:

and the one for Tree of Life here:

And as always there is some talk about boobies…


Welcome to Show 14
Welcome Red Cow.
Mail from rigarmorty
New co-host!
Interview Red cow
About Tree for Life blog and her contest
How was our week in WoW?
plug  website: and leveling project for our listeners and hosts. Grim Grave Warriors is the guild to join on the Sha’tar.
Mount collecting; which mounts do you want? Hate? New bag of exotic spoils with mounts the call to arms in lfg.
Does wow get your creative juices flowing?
e-mails and tweets
New website:
Sign up to our forums!
Twitter: GGWshow
E-mail; or
Next week on show 15… about guild applications and speaking a different language on an English speaking server
How are your characters coping with moral dilemmas in game?


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