Girls Gone WoW – Show 165: Silky Raisin

Lovely guest Leeta joins the E-J and Raven this week to talk about class balance in Warlords and find out how everyone is getting on following the button pruning. Which classes do we think are OP? The ones we’re not playing of course! And we got a totally VIP voicemail, but Raven forgets her own twitter handle because she’s just clever like that.

You can find Leeta all over the place!
Twitter – @leetawow
Behind the Avatar –
CtrlAltWoW –
Corpse Run Radio –
Geektopia –

Next week – show 166: RobFace is joining us. We’ll talk about acceptance of alternative lifestyles in WoW, whether it’s religion, sexuality or things like that and how that’s changed through the 10 years of WoW

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