Girls Gone WoW – Show 173: Ask Mr Openraid

This week on Girls Gone WoW EJ & Raven are joined by not one, but two lovely ladies; Darrie from OpenRaid and Vee from Ask Mr Robot. Find out what’s been going on with these amazing tools to the WoW community and how they might help you improve your game and hear about what might be the most epic ‘epic moment in WoW’ ever from Darrie!

You can find Vee @AskMrRobot or and Darrie @OpenRaidDarrie or

Next week: Leeta will be joining us again to talk about achievements! What’s your favourite? What are you working right now? Which do you think should go die in a fire? Let us know!

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1 thought on “Girls Gone WoW – Show 173: Ask Mr Openraid

  1. This show was fantastic – thank you!
    I’ve never used OpenRaid before so I’ll definitely need to check that out.
    I have used Ask Mr Robot for ages, though. Having the premium account and best in bags is one of the best things ever. I love the new infographics, and am really looking forward to the new stuff to come so that my healer can get some tips on how to be better.

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