Girls Gone WoW – Show 175: Driving Druids in Trousers

This week Raven and amazing guest host Marie have another round of anecdotes in Raven’s quest to learn to drive, but a listener has an even more impressive tale. And…wait…is that actual WoW news? It is! We talk about how Warlords is going so far and our initial thoughts about the 6.2 patch notes. Also druids should always wear trousers. Just sayin’.

You can find Marie @mbuhtz on Twitter.

No show next week as Raven is off to some Goth festival but we’ll be back on 2nd May with the amazing Mooguyver to talk about Warlords LFR and how we’re finding the new legendary quest chain.

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1 thought on “Girls Gone WoW – Show 175: Driving Druids in Trousers

  1. I left Wow but I still enjoy listening to your podcasts. Especially enjoyed hearing about the driving lesson! Already eager for next week’s podcast.

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