Girls Gone WoW – Show 179: Raven and tale of Blind Black Dog

How much time do you spend playing WoW? This week the girls are interviewing Amy and chatting about playing WoW on a limited time budget. Hear a bunch of hints and tips for making the most of your time in game if you actually have a full time job that, ridiculously, you have to turn up for in order to get paid. Or kids. Or ponies. Or…anything else that means those halycon days of spending eight hours in front of the computer doing nothing but slaughtering the horde in Alterac Valley is a thing of the past. *nostalgic sigh* Oh, and there isn’t a driving lesson anecdote this week but there’s a stupid pony story instead. We aim to please! Or Dino aims to actually get Raven killed, one or the other.

The website for the Blizzard selfie contest is: Go forth and win Blizzcon tickets!

You can find Amy on twitter at @elynthae. [You can follow Dino on twitter @dino_pony and witness first hand his ridiculous sassy nature and arguing with Raven. No kidding.]

Next week: WE HAVE ANNE STICKNEY ON THE SHOW!!!!!!! *excited* If you have a lore question please email us or send a voicemail and we will get the Lore Queen herself to answer it! *faints* We might be a bit

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