Girls Gone WoW – Show 181: The Triple T Edition

So, how do we follow up last weeks’ show featuring such a massive WoW community celebrity? Why, with two Wow community celebrities! This week we are joined by Jules & Marconin from the Tauren Think Tank to hear their thoughts on how things are in game right now and help some of our listeners out with some interpersonal problems in games. It’s another long one, clocking in just over 2 hours. Not quite as bad as last week then, but it’s still a show that’s packed full of AWESOME!

You can find Jules & Marconin over at, on Twitter @TaurenThinkTank. Jules can be found @julesrpg and Marconin is @marconinwow.

Next week: We are talking mount farming with Mr B! Share with us your circuit of disappointment. What’s your favourite mount? Which ones have you been chasing for years? What have you given up on..? Emails, tweets and VOICEMIALS all welcome!

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3 thoughts on “Girls Gone WoW – Show 181: The Triple T Edition

  1. Yes! TTT and GGW? The podcast mashup of my dreams. Excellent podcast. Really enjoyed it. I’m now off to download the TTT episode where Jules tries vegemite for a good laugh.

  2. There was this lovely moment at the end when you all discussed how to ‘come out’ as a gamer to colleagues or relatives. A really smart, witty, thoughtful exchange. Strange how us gamers still sometime feel isolated from the mainstream. (I personally think that if in 2015 you have NOT played any form of computer game, it’s not something to be proud of, it shows a lack of culture).

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