Girls Gone WoW – Show 186: Farseer Whatshisname

This week we have a lovely returning guest in the form of Tre with us to talk about how Blizzard could bring players back into the game. Spoliers: mostly we think it’s about the story. But there are other things too!

The link Tre mentioned is

You can find Tre on twitter @imortalscot

Next week: It will just be Raven & and a very happy birthday EJ on the show and we want to know what’s making you happy in game right now. Positivity rules people! Tell us why you’re still having fun!

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1 thought on “Girls Gone WoW – Show 186: Farseer Whatshisname

  1. Elemental Force enchant on a melee weapon, for AQ40 optional blobby guy. When he get’s chilled 3 times, he starts taking damage, i think. Even did an enchanted green staff for my mage; running at 91 arcane, and offspec is fire, and i’m lazy about changing specs. Listened to parts of 168 and 185, enjoying the show, Tre’s drawl is a nice complement to the show and the pacing. Full disclosure: used to be in the same guild as Tre a couple times, and his lovely wife, and met him irl. The southern gentleman bit is genuine.

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