Girls Gone WoW – Show 219: Casually hardcore

This week regular contributor Lisia joins us to talk about casual hardcore raiding. What does that mean for us? What are our hints and tips? What addons do we use? Find out here!

You can find Lisia @lisiaraids on Twitter

Next week: Constaxx joins us! We’re talking about the group finder tool.

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1 thought on “Girls Gone WoW – Show 219: Casually hardcore

  1. Hey ladies, blitzed from lightbringer-us here. Sorry I’m a week behind but I always listen to your show on Monday and find myself wanting to respond to things I hear on the spot. This week I heard Lisia say that people should be flexible with the specs they’re willing to play to max out their dps for raid. She went on to say that her raid leader asked her to switch to marks because her BM spec wasn’t able to keep up. While I would agree that people should always look to do their best and if changing specs is the answer then that’s the way to do it. But I can personally attest to personal play style being equally important. I’m a mythic raider (10/13) and I’ve never gone to marks. More often then not actually beating out the marks hunters in my group. Yes, that’s shameless self promotion. But I like to think that people can really play what they want to play and still compete at the highest levels if they put the effort into it. Sorry for the long winded and late response but that’s my two cents.

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