Girls gone WoW show 31; Hungry, hungry kitty

We are joined by yet another OLR/hordehoust guest/host; Salacious_pop aka Allen. We have no Rob tonight, so it’s just three proud cat-owners and if you’re lucky you can even hear EJ’s cat meowing in the background. We talk about the new rogue-daggers and Pirateday. Of course we discuss our topics of the week and Sil wants to have a farm in wow where she can milk cows.

Show 31:

Welcome Salacious pop/Allen

Interview time

•             Tell us a bit about yourself

•             When did you start playing wow and why?

•             First character

•             Main and alts?

•             Favourite thing to do in wow?

How was our week in WoW?

Newsflashes: rogue tier 13 (nanananananana batman), brewfest and pirateday, tier 13 set bonus revealed.

Plug for our website: Join our alliance guild Immune to Psychology on Earthen Ring. for our guild adventures.

Main topic for Show 31: What’s your city of choice?

Topic 2: How do you make time for wow?

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See you all next week!

Show 32: The most memorable raid interruption? What class should a brand new player pick?


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