Girls gone WoW show 47; There’s a cat in my curry!

Girls gone WoW show 47 There’s a cat in my curry!

We’re welcoming back a favourite guest of ours: the lovely Silky Raven. The girls jumped into the MoP beta and talk a bit about their impressions. We try to stay spoiler free! Also some questing-discussions and two of the girls have an apology ready.

Show 47:

Welcome back Raven

Interview time

  • Quick recap about yourself/what you play and what has changed since last time we spoke

How was our week in WoW?

Plug for our website:

Show 47: Questing: do you quest or would you rather poke your eyes out with a rusty spork? Do you do dailes, enjoy them or hate them? Is questing in WoW too linear? What could Blizz learn from other MMOs about quests or should the others be learning from Blizz?

Big contest! Thanks to Torhrment/JoAnn: We are creating a podcast guild on Argent Dawn EU hordeside, but we need a name and an rp-story for the guild. Contest ends 29th of April.

Mini-series:  how to start with… rp (part 2) add-ons


MyRolePlay gryphonheart items

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Where to find Raven

@silkyraven on twitter

We need guests!!! Send us an e-mail or a tweet if you want to be on our show! We’d love to get some of our old guests back too!

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Show 48 Addons: what can’t you live without? Can you play the game at all/any level without them these days and is it only going to get worse? What type of addon would you like to see available?

show 47

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