My very first post.. *squees*


I guess everyone should have an introductionairy post and here’s mine: I’ve been playing the game since the release and though I’ve tried many classes and enjoyed them, there has always been one class that I loved the most: druid. Yes, I have strayed and I’m a chronic altoholic, but I always seem to come back to my druid.

I would not say I am an amazingly skilled player. Yes, I can keep myself alive and I know what each button does. But I was never one for the theorycrafting or numbercrunching. I use other blogs and websites to get information about what the best gems are and what the best specs are at the moment.

I started with a nelf druid. I did everything with her; questing, raiding, roleplaying and I loved it all. I remember levelling her on a normal pve server and I got her to 60. But I got tired of the server and decided to roll a second druid on an rp-pvp server. I enjoyed it immensely. Now mind you, I’m was a crap pvp player. I somehow got into a panic mode as soon as I was being attacked. I just ran around like a headless chicken, forgetting what my buttons actually did and started to mash on my keyboard. Then I died. I did become better every time and nowadays I quite like pvp. The only thing I haven’t tried is arena’s.

During my time on the rp-pvp server I met some amazing people and some of them I still consider good friends. After raiding in WotLK I started to get tired of playing the same things over and over again. I strayed to some alts, but getting them all up to 80 was…. boring me, I guess.

I tried horde for a while and loved the new quests. I tried al the races just to get a feel of their background and the lore, it awakened my love for WoW again.

In the end I went back to alliance, switched server to be with some rl-friends and now we’re starting to to build up our guild.

About this blog:

It will mostly contain things I experienced in WoW, some news things I’ve read, my levelling updates, screenshots and I even want to start drawing again and posting it here. I used to be ok at drawing, but I stopped and after 8 years, I think it is time to take it up again. It will be hard and painful , since I’m always too picky about my own work and I know that I need to practice a lot. But as soon as I am comfortable with posting my work I will. I’ll also post some ic stories from my characters and their bio’s.

And that’s basically it. Ow and if you’re wandering about the name: human moose…. my druid  had the moose headpiece and when I was in a bg (when it was still against your own realm) there was this famous troll priest who figured out what keys to use to “talk” to alliance. He saw me and called me ‘human moose’. It made me giggle and I thought it would be a nice name. Also I love antlers on all the druidsets. So it only makes sense.

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