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About Girls Gone WoW

Girls Gone WoW is a World of Warcraft podcast that began in December 2010, created by Sil to discuss all aspects of the game, with a focus on the female perspective. We like to say that our shows are never too serious and more like going down the pub with your friends and chatting about this world that we all love.

We are rated M for mature, mostly because Raven is very good at swearing 🙂

We are proud to be a part of the Voice of Geeks (VOG) network and they have a forum dedicated to our podcast.

Our format is generally based around the guest of the week that we have invited to join us, starting with an interview to find out more about them and then later on discussing the topic of the week that they have inspired, and that we have asked our listeners to comment on. We also like to have a round up of what each of our hosts have been doing in game each week, and any exciting news from Blizzard.

Find out how to get in touch with us on the contact us page!

Meet the Hosts


EJ @ottahz

E-J joined the show fairly early on after being a guest in one of the very early episodes. She has been playing WoW since Vanilla and has always been in casual progressive raiding guilds. Vanilla saw her running as main tank for her guild but since TBC she has switched to being a Gnome Mage and has never looked back – upset her and she will bite your ankles, oh yes! She met Sil via the WoW community and ended up transferring to her guild and server along with several IRL friends. She enjoys a good Gin and Tonic and loves Otters.


Raven @silkyraven

Raven is a Wrath baby and has been playing since 2009. She was always a regular correspondent to the show but on episode 51 she joined as a full time host. She plays a Night Elf Druid and has run all specs but is currently our healing Tree of Joy, who is often on fire! She is very good at falling off things or trying to kill bosses with her fishing rod 🙂 She is also the technology expert for the show, ensuring that the show is recorded and edited as well as poking all the internet related bits into working for us, not against us. She is also a big fan of Gin and Tonic.

The show was founded by Sil whose last show was 172. We miss her but the game isn’t for her any more. You can find her over on The Geek Card Show, also part of the Voice of Geeks network if you want to keep up with her antics.

Previous hosts of the show were Fascha, Colette and Nix.

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